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Dragon Design #019 Auction [CLOSED]

By AverrisVis
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You can bid here or on Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/view/30138…
It would be great if you could check the last bid on Furaffinity before you bid here :) (Smile)

Design type: clear sketch, flat color
SB: $20
Min bid: $2
Please bid in reply under my starting comment

I'm accepting $ and €     currency calculator
(I prefer the payment in €)

- Full resolution .png picture (2914×1961px)

Bid only if you have the money. If you win the auction you have 48h to send me the payment. If you don't pay in time design goes to the previous person!
Payment via PayPal

AUCTION END: 48h after the last bid

- you can change some details of the design if you are not fully satisfied with the features like colour or form
- you can use the creature as your own character, choose a name, gender, personality etc.
- you can buy it and give away as a gift or trade for another design.

- don't use the design if you are not the owner!
- don't claim to be the author of the form and design!
- keep in mind that picture and design are copyrighted ©. Stealing copyrighted work could be punished (cash penalty or even jail).
- you are NOT allowed to duplicate or use the picture without my permission.


If you are the owner of the design and you want to resell it, please credit me under the picture and let me know about it.
Reselling the design for more than my price is not really fair to the next owner and to me c:
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© 2019 - 2021 AverrisVis
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Very Awesome Dragon !! You should have made the background a slightly different color .. He kinda gets hidden .. I had to zoom in to see it .
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Thanks! Yeah the background was not easy to choose :D I wanted to make the lightning effects visible so I made the bg darker
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Ahh ok so you wanted a BG that his Bioluminescencewould show .. WOuldn;t it be so COOL if WE had that on our arms and legs .. at night .. Id go for the test subject for that !! lol
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Fucking breathtaking good job
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Absolutely breath taking design!
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Bid here!
SB: $20
Min bid: $2
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Auction closed!
Thank you for your interest! 
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