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Noah or Exorcist?
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Thanks for the Tag ~! :iconxxjustanotherfangirl: :iconelsas-princess:

Fire: 3

[ ] You like to be warm or are always warm.
[ ] You have lots of campfires.
[] You tend to be a pyromaniac. 
[ ] you have/had lots of friends at school, and are/was usually the "popular" kid.
[ X] You are naturally outgoing.
[ ] some people think you're a hotshot or showoff. 
[X ] You stay up late talking, texting, or socializing.
[X ] You like to watch fireworks. 
[] You eat mostly hot food.
[] You are told you are attractive.


Water: 7
[X ] You are calm.
[X] You tend to be cool or cold, or like to be cool cold most of the time.
[X] You are very organized.
[] you are considered a "down to earth" person.
[ X] You only make friends when necessary.
[ ] You look at the big picture, and don't often pay attention to the little details.
[ X] You eat cold food, such as fruit, ice cream, etc.
[X] You love swimming or swim for sport.
[X] You think water is beautiful.
[  ] You often visit beaches or pools.

Earth: 5
[X] You have a way with animals.
[] You like gardening.
[ X] You are a vegetarian or vegan.
[ ] You are a laid-back. 
[] You get along pretty well with others.
[ ] You are a good follower, and often stay away from leading.
[ ] Your favorite color is green.
[X] You recycle or do other things to help the environment.
[X] You often eat organic food.
[X] You can't stand being in crowded areas.

Electricity: 8
[X ] You are a strong-willed person.
[ ] You are very opinionated.
[ X] You're a little high-strung.
[X] You are motivated to do things easily.
[X] You are fascinated by technology.
[X] You get shocks from other people often. 
[ X] You love thunderstorms.
[X] You have been electrocuted before. 
[ ] You are an electrician.
[ X] You like to watch electricity run through objects. 

Air: 8
[ ] You often feel "free" or "limitless".
[ X] You like to work alone most of the time.
[X] You are told you are creative. 
[X] You are kind to others. (with some people)
[ ] You have clothes that have feathers on them. 
[X ] You love the fly in planes. 
[X] You have always wished you could fly or have wings. 
[X] You like the feel of the wind on you. 
[X] You are kind of shy. 
[X] You have only a few friends, but they are good friends. 

Shadow: 10
[X] You spend time alone.
[X] You prefer night over day.
[ X] You tend to be a night owl, not a morning bird.
[X] You often have negative thoughts.
[ X] You hold grudges.
[X] You spend a lot of time thinking.
[X] You are quiet and don't talk to a lot of people.
[X ] It is rare for you to make a friend.
[ X Your favorite color is black. 
[ X] You like being in darkness.

Light: 2
[ ] You prefer day over night.
[] You are outgoing.
[X] You daydream a lot.
[ ] You live your life based on quotes.
[X] You live life to the fullest.
[ ] Your favorite color is white.
[ ] You tend to "shine" or stick out in a crowd. 
[] You are always smiling. 
[ ] the sun makes you feel warm... 
[] You are afraid of the dark or can't stand being in the dark.

Magic: 9
[X] You are a complicated person.
[X] You try to look for happiness constantly.
[ X] You study hard for grades and jobs
[X] You hold the good things in life close to you.
[X] You like shiny things. 
[X] You often fantasize about things.
[ ] Your favorite colors are pastels. 
[X] Not a lot of people understand you.
[X] You love what you do and practice it often.
[X ] You try to fit in with the rest of the world.

Space: 8
[ X] You are enchanted by space.
[X] You stargaze often.
[ ] You are an astronaut or work at NASA. 
[X ] You think colors complemented by black are beautiful.
[X] You like shiny things. 
[X] You zone out often.
[ ] You love long car trips.
[X ] You have always wanted to be in zero-gravity.
[X ] You know the planets of the solar system in order.
[X] You are claustrophobic.

Time: 8
[ X] You don't get bored easily.
[X] Time flies for you. 
[X] You always have to know the time.
[X ] You have a very long attention span.
[X ] You are fascinated by how unconsciousness speeds time.
[X] You ALWAYS find something to pass the time. 
[ X] Days are too short for you.
[ ] You are a mathematician or are good with numbers and math.
[X ] You can tell the time by the position of the sun or moon.
[ ] You always know the day of the month.

Poison: 7
[X] You scare people sometimes. 
[ ] You've eaten puffer fish.
[ ] you've been bitten by a poisonous animal before.
[X] You are kind of feisty.
[X] Your teeth are sharp.
[ ] Your eyes are green.
[X ] You get angry easily.
[ ] Your favorite color is purple or green. 
[ X] You eat a lot of meat.
[X] You often tear into your food as soon as you get it. 

Rainbow: 2
[ ] You don't have a specific favorite color.
[ ] The colors brown, black, white, or grey aren't very appealing to you. 
[ ] You like pictures with lots of colors in them.
[ ] You know what colors make what when mixed.
[] You have a bright personality.
[ ] You don't think of dark, morbid things a lot.
[ ] You leave an impact on new people you see.
[ ] You dress colorfully. 
[] You love rainbows of all kinds, printed on clothes, painted, and real ones especially.
[ ] You like rainstorms.

Fear: 8
[X ] You scare people a lot.
[] You often get scared.
[X ] Your favorite colors are dull or dark colors.
[X ] You don't smile much.
[ X] People have said you "look" scary. 
[ ] Your dog or cat hates you. 
[X] You don't have a lot of friends.
[X] Your favorite holiday is Halloween.
[X ] YOU do all the scaring on Halloween. 
[X ] You have a lot of phobias.

Love: 2
[ ] You are married.
[ ] You like to socialize with others.
[ ] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend. 
[ ] You have never had a divorce.  
[ ] You try to make yourself look beautiful or handsome.
[X] Your favorite color is red or pink. 
[ ] You like to work in groups on projects.
[ ] You are on the phone a lot.
[ ] You have a good relationship with your kids. 
[X] You love your relatives dearly.

Spirit: 6
[X] You daydream a lot. 
[ ] You are highly religious. 
[ X] You have a strong mind. 
[ ] You meditate.
[ ] You pray a lot.
[X] Your favorite colors are light blues or purples.
[X] You believe you have a spiritual connection with something.
[X] You keep to yourself a lot.
[ ] You go to church every week.
[ X] You will do anything for your belief. 



Fire: 3
Water: 7
Earth: 5
Electricity: 8
Air: 8
Shadow: 10
Light: 2
Magic: 9
Space: 8
Time: 8
Poison: 7
Rainbow: 2
Fear: 8
Love: 2
Spirit: 6

You don't have to do this but if you want. ... :iconcreepyawesome: :iconkaranma-maeryl: :iconchromic7sky: :iconYumichan26:

MOOD: Normal
Listening to : VIP BY SID


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Asuka Pixel by AverieArtina


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