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July 2, 2020
Sentinel of the Kartarjie Stones by blackultra8t
Featured by Astralseed
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This is beautiful! Is it part of a world of yours or did you come up with it on the fly?

AvereeChaloupka's avatar

It's a part of an ongoing worldbuilding project of mine

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Oh sure! What's the premise of your world?

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So epic, it's nice!

After a particularly bad movie in which a herd of sheep randomly interrupting the action completely saves the hero from otherwise certain disaster, a friend of mine coined the term "plot rams" -- an element, like sheep, shoved (rammed!) into the plot because the author couldn't find a way to keep the story going otherwise. Here, in this image, I see the more majestic manifestation of the plot ram. He charges into a scene, let loose by the screenwriter, and says, "No, I'm in charge, and I think *I* will be the hero going forward!" :-) Nice image!

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It would be great to be there.... maybe....

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Very cool. Really nicely done!

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Less cliche to see a hooved herbivore than say a predatory carnivore like this

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Don't know why, but can feel the thrill when seeing this art piece of yours!

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Awesome, makes me think of old Celtic myths.

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