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Another Escort Mission (Art Trade)

My half of an art trade with CGWolf, a supporter over on FurAffinity who has been very encouraging to me since I first started putting my comics up over there. His half (which you should check out here) Involved his OC, Crazy, helping Frost not die to the elements after having somehow wandered through a dimensional portal into a post-apocalyptic suburbia. So, I decided to do a little continuation of that with my half.

Here we find that Frost has somehow talked her way into a lift across the river, much to Crazy's reluctant acceptance. She said something about heat exhaustion, but I think she just doesn't like getting her feet wet if we're being honest...

This one was good practice. I have drawn surprisingly few pictures with two characters interacting physically like this. Also, the water came out better than expected, but not QUITE good. Haha
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Awesome piece of work!

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Oh wow

Is it just me or is it hot in here? haha

God I would appriciate to have a solder kind of guy who would hold me up like that ^^

Very well made!!

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They're good to have around, Frost might be pushing her luck with this one, though. Haha

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I guess if you say so lol

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lol this is amazing! You did such a good job with the poses and expressions :D Crazy looks like he's just about this close to dumping Frost in the water XD

The background is great. The reflections in the water are just Italian Chef Kiss

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Yeah, Crazy's had a long couple of days, I think. Haha!

Thank you very much, Din!

Also, if she DOES get dropped in there, it's not too bad. There are no microsharks in that water as far as I'm aware. ;)

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Things are looking up for Frost!

The poses and proportions turned out really well on this one. And the water does look wet; well done.

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Thank you! The water was a process of trial and error, haha.

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