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Hi everybody. Alas, we can only be in denial of reality for so long. We've had to come to accept that updates of Spectre will be sporadic and unpredictable. We realize that this is less than optimal for our readership, but we want to continue to deliver quality images and story instead of stick figure adventures. We appreciate your readership and support, and hope that you will continue to enjoy the comic as well.
Spectre has been off hiatus!
You might have noticed a lack of update the past couple of weeks. Felix is in the midst of a very serious family emergency, and so Spectre is on a temporary hiatus. I cannot say when it will resume, but in times such as these it is not anywhere near a priority. I hope instead for the best possible outcome for Felix and her family, and stand by her need to focus on other things during this time.

due to illness. thank you for your patience!
I'm happy to announce that Spectre is resuming its regular update schedule! Yay, Felix!

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