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Bat wings demon Alas de murcielago


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Bat wings demon Alas de murcielago


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Asgarden Family Tree

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The Floating inn of the Ceremonial Milkshake

Art Trade, Collaborations

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The Sun Daughters (of Avarhun)

In the Plane (cosmic plane) of Stucass was a similar story to that of the Classical Sun's Daughters. One of the millions of stars in this Plane, Jitie, fell in love with a living being of great beauty. From this union emerged the Sun's Daughters of Avarhûn (named for the planet in which they were deposited). The Avarhûnite Sun's Daughters were very numerous, and settled in different areas of this planet displaying his (un)usual beauty (which could actually kill a human). These are some of the main differences with the Classical Sun's Daughters, which are 12 and are constantly moving around the planet. All the Avarhûnite Sun'

Avarhun daughters

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Bat wings demon Alas de murcielago

Cosmologies, Gods and Pantheons

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Shadow Adoptable By Livingalivecreator-d5axg4j


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Avengium Commission2 Darquen'Ga By Wizzie Font

Daren'Ga y Co

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Thunder Dragon 01

Draqarn Dragothynn

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Terry Pratchett Discwold Luggage 2014.12.23

ExpoComic, Manga, etc

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Cityback Dragon v2 (wyrm)

Flash Fauna

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Flash People

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Interplanar ship of the Otelcor 01

Fractal, chaoscope

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Fractal, Jwildfire

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Pez espalda Juncos Mar Sargazos by Beykex -d6m06jm

Gemmed Elves

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Central Place Theory (de los Lugares Centrales)

Geometric Sketches

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StephenKingFTW 15,000 Kiriban!


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The longing of the clock (english version) 01

Inspiration: Original text, inspired in the idea of frozen time, for additional inspiration, see note 1. Topic: Tales. Image:  El Anhelo del Reloj by Jakeukalane (https://www.deviantart.com/jakeukalane) The clock felt longing for past time. Now that it all was over, the only thing that remained was the memory. The clock remembered when his hands still spinning, when the tic of the second hand firm marked the reign of time over all other things, when days were still happening one after another. But now nothing of that left. Time had succumbed to its inhabitants. Since they found the Singularity, time was never again the same. The closest thing to the succession of two moments st

Literature fragments

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Los Luminei

[...] Los Prymeros decidieron  fundar una civilización en el Plano en el que se encontraban (Qllei). Se desconoce cuál es  el número de Prymeros, especulándose que cinco. El  "Prymero en actuar" decidió establecer las bases de la  tecnología y el trabajo entre los Lúminei. El "Prymero en reflexionar"  decidio fundar la filosofía de los Lúminei, Prymaim. El "Prymero en reír" vio  necesario inventar lo que serían el ocio y las artes Lumineíticas. Pero todo seguia muy vacío de Lúminei. Entonces el "Prymero solo"


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Panteon friso de los 19 dioses


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Ficha de DnD 4edicion  Modificada2 cara1

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Shazell Key Art Circa 2012 pencil 01

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Sound Collectors Pulsating UFO

Sound collectors

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TS Rev Wood  Steel Taylor Guitars 2004 summer 02

Taylor Swift

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Wch 004 The Pauck species Regalo para Eamanelf


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