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DBM 274 page - Bra SS2

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Dragon ball Multiverse - [link]
lineart here ~ [link]
i hope you like it

p.s. version for fun ^_^ Legendary Super Sayan - Braly ~ [link]
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That's the expression off. "These bike shorts are way to tight!"
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shes definititly Vegeta's Daughter
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She's actually not the Bra you and I know from DBZ, she is from an alternate universe where Vegito never separated and had a child with Bulma. This Bra is the daughter of VEGETTO/VEGITO
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Then she must be a true bitch
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Nah, Vegetto is a dick and Bulma is a c*nt, go figure
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Like saiyan father & saiyan daughter. So keep calm and let Vegeta be prouder.
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2.I suprised Salagir used Toei GT Bra's personality for his Bra
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i remeber that manga, very nice
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the 2nd super saiyan woman ever
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Interesting version, I mean, looks like a real character.
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wow she looks SERIOUSLY pissed. wonderful job :D
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really i love kingdom hearts more than u and anyone u know ;)
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yes really ive been following kingdom hearts since it came out in japan.......and ive beat all the games 34 times with 100%
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yeah thats how big of a nerd i am about it
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Okay, I'm confused. Who is the ACTUAL person who draws the line art for DBZM? Cause when I clicked the link above to ask the guy if he could do some line art for me he told me he only traces his line art from other images.
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Salgar and Gogeta Jr. are the artists for Dragon Ball Multiverse
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If only, if only... I love this so much. Saiyan girls deserve to kick ass too!
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