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Tropical Girls

By avencri
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Ok... i was kinda stressed of working on commissions so i just had to draw something out for pleasure.

Anyways... i had to draw Cela. <3

I had planned on drawing another of those ugly/fat/hairy cupids i drew the previous years but i just didn't feel like it now. I would have made one with the "So Lonely" face. XD

And since i was trying to fix Cela's tail to give it a more reptilian features (really large tail) and at the same time keeping the sex appeal of the female buttocks. It is really hard but i think i managed to get some sorth of balance between the two thanks to some advice from :iconchutkat: and some references from an artists in DA that i really love. I think i can conciliate both aspects just fine, but i will need to keep that in mind when drawing her in the future.

Geecku... well i just felt like drawing her and tossed her in there too for practice and since i haven't drawn her or done anything for Chalo in a while. What is a better excuse than having two hot reptile girls around in the same picture? XD

I also experimented with a very different way of coloring that was kidna cool... but takes a bit too much time to pull off (specially with characters with patterns like Geecku here). And some shiny skin advice i got from :icondaxzor: .

Anyways, enjoy these two lovely ladies. <3

Geecku © :iconchalosan:
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© 2011 - 2020 avencri
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Acesniper232's avatar
I wish you drew nipples on your non mamal charachters(you used to)
avencri's avatar
Depends on the character i guess. XD
Cyberalbi's avatar
Very well done, interesting and original!
ArcanumTwilight's avatar
Beautiful and cute. ^^
dragon-man13's avatar
amazing details and you did a hot position with your character ^^
---- great job
quelico's avatar
Super hawtness.... Love it! And great colors, too :)
avencri's avatar
It has Cela in it. Of course it is hawt! XD
Toughset's avatar
I've had the same problem with the tail and butt with Shey and Ling. You really gotta think out a pose in order for it to work. Plus, I find making the tail thick implies the same to the thighs and butt. Just my two cents on it.
Either way, nice to see you draw Cela again!
KillKatt's avatar
El verde es vida maestro XD
jesonite's avatar
:) Sooo Shinny, dig the colors! ~ Pompi Approve! C:
avencri's avatar
What about the shininess?
Moon-Phantom's avatar
Tropical AND scaly?! Talk about paradise ;)

Impressive work
MarsW's avatar
Qué guapas! ^^ El coloreado es muy bonito, me encanta como quedó la espalda de Cela (a ver si no me estoy confundiendo, soy fatal para los nombres XD)
avencri's avatar
De hecho tienes el nombre bien. Lo cual es bueno por que algunos de mis amigos cercanos le siguen llamando Celia XD
Ionic44's avatar
hmmm needs more green :3 WAHAHAHAHHAAAA!
avencri's avatar
Need more green ladies then! XD
ChaloDillo's avatar
Genial compadre. Ya sabes que te quedo excelente.
avencri's avatar

Pero siempre hago a Geecku. Xd
AxelFuu's avatar
Love the color great job. ^^
beutelwolf's avatar
la posicion de los ojos no me convence del todo, pero todo lo demas se ve bastante bien, obviamente me refiero a los senos y las nalgas...
avencri's avatar
Los ojos de cual chica? =3
beutelwolf's avatar
avencri's avatar
Que es lo que notas raro en específico?
beutelwolf's avatar
el tamaño y la posicion.

la verdad no tengo idea porque =( pero los veo como si no fueran de acuerdo al diseño...
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