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Ignore The Claw Please

By avencri
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Well someone in DA commented about liking Tokay and i haven't done much of her recently. So i have been doodling her quite a bit today and ended up liking this one.

Just took it as an excuse to do some color experiments. ^^

Nothing big here.
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"Nothing big here."

That's hilarious.

The piece emenates a sense of composed alignment; perfectly, it seems, capsulating an edgy, demensional, tactful palpation that simply glorifies the vivid hues and divinely measures the almost abstract backdrop.

Ignore the claw? Pshaw!!! It is the boon, the detailed excellence that gives the art its hip, classically avant-garde fexture. It's almost as if she hears the soft, growing trembles of a drum-line in the distance, the forerunner to a thunderous clash of jazzy rock.

She can't help but mimic the beat with her polished, alluring claws. The rythm causing her entire body to groove to the liquid vibrations. All while bending towards you, hands falling naturally between her voluptuously risqué legs, her sexy stripes beckoning, innocently giving you "The Look"; the look asking, with lustful flair, if you'd like to join her on the dance floor; her tail swinging with confidence, and smile lulling with beauty.

In short, sir, I love this piece and respectfully request more art of this rapturously gorgeous creature.

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Wow... i am honestly surprised by the way you wrote this. I do plan to keep drawing Alice often. ^^
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Aww what acute raptor.
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This smile of predator :D
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This picture you've done featuring this raptor gal looks very nice. :)
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what is she. like what animal or hybrid? can someone help me with this PLEASE!!!!
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Generic raptor with gecko.
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Will she kill me if I hit on her?
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Doubt so, she is rather nice but effusive.
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Nice, though now a pic standing up‼
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Ignore the claw ? Uuuh ... Claw+sharp teeth => predator => no way, mate !
*Backs off*
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Well, unless she's vegetarian, no way I let her anywhere near me. X-|

Nice reference to Jurassic Park. :-)
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The giant one at the bottom? XD
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She's pretty cute.  I love the pose and expression.  Nice work!
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Hehe, thanks a lot! =D
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Sexy though, for a scaly ;-) lol seriously hot, haha.
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Hehe. Thanks.
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What type of Dinosaur is she?
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I'm guessing a Velociraptor.
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she's pretty cute,good job
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