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Gold To Carmine

By avencri
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A comission i did today. Quite happy with this one but i did have some trouble with the color scheme. I had to go trough a whole range of blues and greens so that they looked nice with her skin scheme. In the end i think i managed to do it fine.

Turns out this was the fursona design of the comissioner. I am flattered! X3

Lark © Averis
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PERFECT & DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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nice position ( cute and sexy) i love the eye of your character. great details too ^^
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The color choices are lovely in this; I like it because it's all got a reddish tint to it helping it feel together. Your struggles were worth it :>
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Esta muy linda, y el color se ve de lujo
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We have problem sometimes, but the most important is the results. Congratulations once more for this wonderful artwork ^_^
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nice color ^^
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me encanta el coloreado que lleva :D
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Very Nice, I especially love the difference in colour from top to bottom. Oh, and that foot is so interesting. Never would have guessed it could bend like that. Very nice details, VERY realistic. Undeniably Great. Also, the colours in the hair and the look and feel of the eyes, Epic. Truly the work of a great artist. Then there's the wonderful use of green and blue in the clothes. Wonderful. I love everything about this piece of Fantastic Fantasy. God, a 10/10. You sould be selling this. You'd make a bloody fortune.
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Yeah, finding the right tone of blue and green was quite difficult.
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I would Imagine....Such a process would likely drive me to the brink of insanity. Still, you found the patience, and I'm ever so glad to see such wonderful results. Honestly, this is without a doubt the best piece of work I've ever seen, and I'm so very happy you decided to share it with the world. Even if it is a Commission piece.

I wonder if it is alright to say such things. Oh well.
Have a wonderful day, Good sir.
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Sexy atractiva y buena combinación de los colores te quedo muy bien. =)
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I love the colour scheme! So warm, and the greens/blues go great with her skin tone. The soft shading is great, too. Very nice job!
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I am grateful.
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woa! viejo que has estado haciendo ultimamente,ese dibujo me tiene asombrado :O

Me encanta la linea y el acabado que le diste, me gusta mucho el diseño del personaje, esa mirada sexy, esta muy buena
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Lo que he hecho es estar tirado sobre mi cama pintando y dibujando. XD

Muchas gracias por el cumplido.
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jajajaja, tendre que practicar la misma formula
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Creeme, no es saludable! >.>
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Ooooh, lizard gal. That's so cool!
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great job on the colouring! I like the spikes going down the back :)
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They are part of the charm. X3
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En cualquiera de los dos, es una belleza. Me pregunto que querra con esa mirada =D
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