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Dyna Pin Up Sketch

By avencri
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Well, i just felt like drawing Dyna (i don't do that often) since i had an urge to draw dinosaur girls today. So i just made a doodle, with the same generic "Sexy pose" pose i have done a thousand times to death (just check my gallery and you will see what i mean XD ) but i just felt the urge to work on it and test some colors.

I ended up making the whole thing! XD

And while it doesn't bring anything new and as i said the pose is done many times already by myself, i don't mind since this was a fun little sketch that i enjoyed workin on and am quite happy with the result for a speedy and improvised pic.
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TOTALLY PERFECT & DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Sexy dinosaur love her.
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Wow great pik :D 
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You do very well with these characters.  :)
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Thank you! ^^
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very beautiful and sexy. by far the best dinosaur girl ive ever seen.
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Why thank you! =D
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Love it!! I've been looking to find a pin-up style dinosaur for a while now and this is the first one that has been produced with actual artistic skill. Once again, I love it! And would love to see more...and perhaps, in some pin-up style lingerie? Definitely a tattoo style I'm pursuing.
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Oh, i wouldn't rule out that idea. =3
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I would be truly honored if I could use this pic in a video that I plan to feature on You Tube. I'll put your name in the credits and a link to your site in the description. If you have any other terms and conditions, or questions please let me know.
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No problem, as i said in the other reply. As long as you give me credit it is ok.
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Check out the video at [link]
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Oh my you actually did it!! =D
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Thank you kindly. And I'll be checking in if you have any other Anthrosaur pics that I could use in a video. Thanks again for your service!!
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That's one sexy tri-horn!
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nice detail and the position his pretty sexy and hot
-----nice drawing^^
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wonderful! the detail is amazing.
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Beautiful and sexy.
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so who is dyna?
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Dyna is a rather minor character from one of the stories i worked on. Think of her as an NPC required for a sidequest if this was a game. XD
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