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Cela Relaxovision Practice

By avencri
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Just practicing my coloring skills, since i have spent a lot of time without working on pictures due to my thesis.

Trying out different light sources and some other bits of things.

Any criticism is always well recieved, specially since i am still learning.
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PERFECT & DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Very beautiful anatomy!:):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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amazing! i love the details and the position ( cute and sexy) you did to you character^^
----nice job
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Beautiful Girl :3 :)
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B-E-A- utiful work i love it =)
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You did a pretty good job coloring her! ^3^
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/O.=.O\ she is beautifull.. *blushes* is she single?. I love the whole pose and colouring you used! ^.=.^ no black outlines all coloured the spikes on her back are amazing... usually you see something like that on her tummy. The colours good and her cartoon face and her chest. Overall a nice looking Dragoness!
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Something like what on her tummy?
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the hard thick scalets on her back
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Very nice work, especially on the back scales.

As to the waist, I think people are talking about how the stomach seems to curve inward a little too far-it seems like she's squishing her guts inward.
But then the physiology of an antro-alligator could likely be different than that of a human.
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Hehe, blame the photo i used as reference! XD
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I don't think a waist that thin is physically possible =.= she'd brake! lol
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I am just curious is anyone is counting her backside (darker part) as part of her body or just asume that they are an extra to her body...
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love the coloring and lighting on this. really nice work on the back design :D
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Te quedó linda, aunque siento que tiene muy ancha la espalda, o, a lo mejor es por su naturaleza cocodrilezca, y así está bien.
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Jaja, culparía a la foto de referencia entonces! XD

Nah, si quedó ancha es por que quedó ancha. >_>
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There's not much to criticise, it's really good. :)
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Qué linda quedó, la postura es muy natural, y el coloreado está fantástico ^^
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Gracias, estoy tratando de mejorar el coloreado, siempre que hago algo pienso que se ve chido. Luego veo lo que hacen otras personas y regreso a lo mio y pienso... podría hacer eso... XD
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cute :3

saku2 del lobo
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She's very cute indeed! ^..^ Alligator, I presume. Lovely tail. =)
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Wow this has got to be one of your best pictures of Cela. Very beautiful and well colored. The back details spines etc are very well drawn. As for criticism give some time to think about it.
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