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My Bio
Hi! You can call me Aven. I'm a singer/songwriter but I really like good artwork and making things with digital media. So here I am, amassing a expansive library of beautiful, funny or inspiring images while working on my MASSIVE novel/creative embellishment project, which I simply call "Vonia."


To do for "Vonia":

- [ ] Outline the entire storyarc of "Aven's Song" in detail
> [ ] Outline book 1 in detail
> [ ] Outline book 2 in detail
> [ ] Outline book 3 in detail
> [ ] Outline book 4 in detail
> [ ] Outline book 5 in detail
> [ ] Outline book 6 in detail
> [ ] Outline book 7 in detail
> [ ] Outline book 8 in detail if necessary
> [ ] Outline prequel 1in detail
> [ ] Outline prequel 2 in detail
- [ ] Finish the first Saga
> [ ] Finish book 1 - "Reawakening"
> [ ] Finish book 2
> [ ] Finish book 3
> [ ] Finish book 4
- [ ] Finish the second Saga
> [ ] Finish book 1
> [ ] Finish book 2
> [ ] Finish book 3
> [ ] Figure out whether there's going to be a book 4
- [ ] Finish the prequels
> [ ] Finish prequel 1
> [ ] Finish prequel 2 - "Asha's Song"
- [ ] Write a guide to Vonia recording any and all information about this ridiculously oversized and detailed universe. This will probably take more than one book.
- [ ] Record Characters
> [ ] Finish Character maps for "the Seven"
> [ ] Finish Character sprites and models for "the Seven"
> [ ] Finish Character maps/sprites/models for supporting/minor/antagonizing characters
- [ ] Record Biology
> [ ] Record general Enigma biology
> [ ] Flesh out and record Avon biology
> [ ] Flesh out and record Zon biology
> [X] Flesh out and record Stechz biology
> [ ] Flesh out and record Mutorn biology
> [ ] Flesh out and record Nightmare biology
> [ ] Flesh out and record Edger biology
> [ ] Flesh out and record floral and faunal biology.
> [ ] Model specimens from each race, as well as major flora and fauna.
- [ ] Record environs
> [ ] Construct Stellar, Planetary and local maps
> [ ] Record specific environs for key locations (eg: PurtVonian Archipelago)
> [ ] Model/draw as much as possible.
- [ ] Record Civilizationals
> [ ] Record Political systems
> [ ] Record Cultural nuances (traditions, rituals, mindsets, etc.)
> [ ] Record Economic systems
> [ ] Record Religious set-ups
> [ ] Record practicals and aesthetics (common tech, clothing, architecture, etc.)
- [ ] Record Technologies
> [ ] Record Major Technologies from various ages and uses. This includes vehicles, buildings, tools, weapons, instruments, industrials, power sources, aesthetics, commodities... etc.
> [ ] Sketch and/or model said technologies
> [ ] Record scientific fundamentals used/created
- [ ] Record Histories, by Age
- [ ] Compose scores for "Aven's Song"
- [ ] Draw/Commission/Ask skilled friends for concept art
- [ ] Get noticed/published/help, because there is no way I'm finishing all this without some eventual assistance.
- [ ] FINAL GOAL - All books finished and published, all scores written and published, and myself directing the creation of the full length movies of all books.



Desired/necessary programs (generic/preinstalled programs ignored, eg: Garageband)

- [X] Photoshop version: CS5 (plus illustrator, dreamweaver, Flash... thanks :iconresriori:)
- [X] Google Sketchup version: 8, free
- [X] Sibelius version: 7
- [X] Sculptris, free
- [X] Poser (version: 9)
- [X] Vue version: 9 Studio
- [ ] Sketchup to Vue

Personal Quote: Exodus 15:2

Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings was really good. Star Wars, original trilogy ftw, and
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Stargate... I don't watch a lot of TV. Better stuff to do.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
SO MANY CANNOT CHOOSE. I like a lot of music. Music is my thing. (John Williams is the man)
Favourite Books
See favorite bands. I love to read too.
Favourite Writers
Authors, Poets, ahh so many brilliant people.
Favourite Games
Halo, Minecraft, Lego Rock Raiders if it still worked (its really old...)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox and Computers. I'm not that much of a gamer, though.
Tools of the Trade
My Mac, keyboard, tons of pencils and paper and a bit of faith in God!
Other Interests
Busy. Very Busy. Will return. With lots and lots AND LOTS of fun stuff. Better stuff. But, I've got God, Sunshine, school, work, more school work, and then Halo 4 when it comes out. hmm... I should put eating and sleeping in there somewhere...
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Meet the OC

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Stolen from !3LW00D (https://www.deviantart.com/3lw00d) Rules: Answer the questions below as if you were your own OC (original character). This OC can be anyone; from a game or anime or one you've just randomly created. Other than that, have fun! 1. Okay to start off with, what is your name? Averitaen. (Uh - veh - rih- tayne) 2. Male or Female? Male, thank you. 3. How old are you? Roughly 22. 4. Nice, so a nice simple question, what is your favorite color? I would have to say silver. It's to be expected, isn't it, all things considered? 5. What is your fighting style and or weapon of choice? I favor a hand-and-a-half sword (which might as well be a two handed s
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Tagged by !3LW00D (https://www.deviantart.com/3lw00d) 1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you've worked with and why. My one great and ultimate project is Vonia. I've been working on it for almost 10 years now, gradually growing it from a childhood novelty into an epic to (I hope) compete with Tolkien, Lucas, Lewis.... yeah, a bit ambitious. Vonia is my life project, my artistic goal for my existence. Almost everything I do creatively is in some way tied to the evolution of its universe. 2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females? My characters are somewhat amorpheous as of yet... I have... *counts in head*... 10? 12? 25
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Thanks for the faves!:) (Smile)
Heey! I just came across your page AND I have a question to ask yaa!

Would you be willing to vote for me? Its an art competition, and its national! it would mean SO much if you did!

here is the link: [link]

All you have to do is log in, click terms and agreements, go back to my drawing (it should be in the most votes section) and theen click VOTE!

Thank you SOO much if you do! i would really appreciate it hehe !

Have a good day dear!
Thanks for the :+fav:!;)
Thanks for the add and sorry to have taken so long to reply