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E19 Radiance Theme... with a Lot of Colors!!

Enlightenment Radiance Theme
Here's a port of the GTK Theme Radiance, light theme used on Ubuntu.
These theme is complete with full Elementary widgets integrations, so enjoy your E19 with one unified look for GTK, EDJ and ELM applications!

How to use it
Extract the file zipped and copy it on your home directory: ~/.elementary/themes
Select with Theme Selector Radiance and Enjoy the Theme!

Where's the "Lot of Colors"?
Radiance Theme is cool, but maybe you don't like it.
This theme looks good with a lot of GTK themes like ZonColors and a lot of Murrina themes.
You can change your color scheme with Settings -> Look -> Colors!
For example:
  • Border Frame allows you to change the color of border title and toolbar
  • Border Frame Active change the gradient that appears on Selected windows. If you try a dark border, I suggest you to set Border Frame Active Alpha channel to lesser values.
  • Border Title and Border Title Active are generally to change if you change border title.
An example of Ambiance version:

Unfortunately Elementary widget doesn't be affected for the change with Enlightenment's Colors Manager, so you can change more deeply your theme.
Super Radiance Pimp!!!
Extract the sources of the theme doing this:
  1. Open a terminal
  2. Type edje_decc ~/.elementary/themes/Radiance.edj
  3. In your home directory you will find a folder named Radiance, go inside and ope with gedit, nano, mousepad or your favorite text editor the file named radconf.edc .
Here you can change the color value as you want.
After that, open a terminal and type edje_cc ~/Radiance/default.edc -o ~/CustomRadiance.edj
You will find on your home directory CustomRadiance.edj, your new theme with a lot of colors. Move it into ~/.elementary/themes folder or use Theme Selector -> Import!

At the moment the theme looks pretty good with themes not dark, with light window's colors and dark foreground.
I'm working of a version for dark themes that makes also GTK Ambiance theme pretty good.

If you find something wrong, please report here in a comment or search me on Bodhi Linux Forum (I'm Duma).

Enjoy this theme and enjoy Enlightenment!
  • 7/4/2015: Fixed tons of ELM bugs: Genlist widget, Pane Widget, Scroller Widget (the tabbed widget of Jeff's ElmExtension) and much more!
  • 17/2/2015: Fixed ELM Button icon (ePad tab now works great!) issue and toolbar item issue
  • 11/7/2014: Updated theme with the commit d15a411ce0d1da698c663284103e6cd32bbd2375 and redesign ELM Bubble and ELM Notify widgets: now it's more readable their content
  • 4/7/2014: Fixed ELM Genlist widget, now it is selectable. Epour should working good now (thanks kuuko!)
  • 2/7/2014: Fixed the strange behavior you get when restoring a minimized window in latest E19 build
  • 19/6/2014: Added Init group (the initial splash screen) and Modal Window Border group, fixed minor things
  • 19/5/2014: Have you seen in the past ellipsis (the three annoying dots) instead regular text? Fixed all the part!
  • 7/5/2012: Correct minor bugs on Elm Genlists Widget and [T1214] bug from phabricator
  • 6/5/2014: Removed all .svg pixmaps: now it is decompilable; correct minor things
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Hello ! I would like to know how you learned how to mae enlightenment themes... I've been searching around but couldn't find any tutorials... Did you learn reading the source of already existing themes ?
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Hi, sorry for the huge delay of this reply.

I've learned how to make E themes simply reading existing sources. There's few documentation about it and not a step-by-step tutorials.

But I've found very useful this link:…
Here there's all the option usable in a theme.

If you are interested to create theme. Feel free to ask me if you need help, here or in Bodhi Linux Forum (I'm Duma).
Radiance is a fantastic theme except for one very small issue, and I invite you to make it larger. This is the size of the border used for resizing windows, which seems to be in the vicinity of 1 pixel wide and is a very small target. A target of 3 or 4 invisible pixels would be much more useful, and I would not have to use the rather awkward Alt-MiddleClick.
Hey AVDuma,

Awesome work with the theme and the instructions on how to customize it!

I was wondering where I should look for hiding the border around an invisible shelf? To make the shelf fully invisible?

Thank you.
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You have to change the composite styler for shelves on Settings -> Composite -> Advanced -> Edit application rules -> Popup Tab -> Name:shelf and change the style to none.
Hi! Thanks for the great theme but I have encountered a problem with native E19 digital clocks - it is unreadable (black digits on black background). How to fix it? And is there way to change the black background colour of the shelf? I've found no relevant parameters for that in "rad_conf.edc" file.
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Thank you for your feedback.
1) I have edited the native e19 digital clock on my theme with a simpler digital clock: can you post me a screenshot of your problem?
If you have issues with Dark's theme digital clock, I am sorry, but I can't help you.
2) You can change shelf's color on Settings -> Look -> Color "Shelf base"
Thanks for the reply! (I've lost my registration data that's why another nick.)

I have fixed my problem: it was caused by configuration that was created under E18. I deleted it and created new config in E19 with your theme. Now everything works fine.
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Um... for the creator of this work, I can't see where is the .elementary file. I still don't know what to do. :"((
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.elementary is an hidden folder of your home directory.
Go to your home directory and select "show hidden file" from the view menu (or generaly you can use CTRL+H) and you'll see the .elementary folder.
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Thanks! It worked! (Sorry late reply)
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Hello AVDuma, many thanks by this theme very very awesome and beautiful. It's a incredible work.

Now, when I'm going to change the colors in the file named radconf.edc and type a terminal:
edje_decc ~/.elementary/themes/Radiance19.edj
show me the message,

edje_decc: Error. Cannot write file Radiance19/img/fm_icon_favorites.svg. Perhaps missing JPEG or PNG saver modules for Evas.

Any suggestions ?
Thank your very for you help and regards,

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Hello yunn, thank you for your comment.
The error you received is normal: I've used svg pixmaps and this stop edje from decompile the file.
I've updated the file, so you can download it again and try to open it as an apple. :D


By the way, I recommend to all to re-download the file, I've fixed some minor bugs/glitches on Everything module, ELM popup and spinner.
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Hello AVDuma, great. Thanks for all and congrats again. Regards, :)
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Really impressing work! Thx
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