Gargoyles Live Action Movie rumors return

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Can't help but notice this has been circulating around the internet lately!

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I hope it's real...I'd love to see my favorite clan on the big screen.
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first of all they need to start a cartoon first then movie and they must do it right! but Disney I do not trust not one bit last time they said that they wanted to make a movie kept going and talking about it and it never happened I don't trust anything they say unless there IS REAL PROOF THAT THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE IT! 100%  Disney is a greedy company there saying this now because Disney plus and everyone keeps watching this was a test to see what reactions would watch it! Gargoyles is a very amazing show! very different the story telling was just so good! until Disney messed it up in season 3 if they do make this movie they better get the good writers back then and Greg himself to make this movie Disney will just messed this up because all they care about is making $$$$$$$$$ they will rush or some how make it different there own way LIKE THEY DID THE LIVE ACTION LION KING! THEY F****D that up and other
movies little mermaid and Mulan and many others to come! They better listen to there fans like they did with sonic people yelling , screaming  at  the sonic movie AND THEY FIXED IT and it made a lot of money! But will Disney do that? NO! cause they think they can do so much better so they think! Disney was never like this back in the 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's they were amazing back then fresh and new and always came up some amazing stories back then AND NOW in the 2000's it started to slowly very slowly lose there touch! CAUSE OF GREED! So if they REALLY ARE MAKING A GARGOYLES MOVIE THEY MUST DO IT RIGHT OR ELSE ITS GOING TO TURN TO S***T! THEY MUST FOLLOW THE STORY AND THE EPSODES THE RIGHT WAY!
gargoyles is amazing the way it is AND IT WOULD BE A VERY GOOD SHOW FOR ADULTS  like a mature gargoyles That I know it will do good! ;) but anyway that's what I think of Disney there not the same anymore and Walt Disney Himself would NEVER EVER WANTED HIS DREAM TO BE LIKE THIS NOW WAY! He never wanted his company to be like this ruining the movies ,ruining the prices at the Disney parks if he was alive right now he never let those people get away with this!
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is it weird to say I want them to use some puppetry for the wings?
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Until they cast and start filming I won't get my hopes up. And even then a movie can sit around forever and might not hit the screen. Also the movie would need to stick with the original story really well. The timing and storyline was so important to the whole thing that messing with it even a little could ruin the whole thing.

Having the animated show return to Disney+ would be great, there are so many stories still written that never made it anywhere.

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There was a time when I would have been excited by news like this, but I wouldn't trust current year Disney to tackle a live action adaptation of Gargoyles, they can't even get Star Wars right, and all those terrible live action reboots of their classic animated movies don't fill me with confidence either. 
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same :/ Whenever I hear people are remaking things I love I just get concerned they are gonna ruin it
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i would prefer that the anime show return,sometime live action is 50/50
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