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What Would You Do If...? Romano x Reader oneshot
"Now everyone go into a closet with your given partner, and you have as long as you want to fill with 'What would you do if?' questions! The first people to leave their closet will have a consequence to fill though!" America beamed, his cheeks red from being tipsy.
You shuddered. What was with this thrown together and terribly boring sounding game? It was obvious the American and many others in the room were drunk. It was his birthday, but still. Why the hell did you even come to this party? You sighed, glancing over at your given partner; a very pissed off Romano, who was rosy-cheeked himself.
That was why.
When you had heard that the Italian was coming, you had to restrain yourself from jumping out of your seat and running to America's place.
But you didn't. You arrived late, as you always do, to a room of men knocking back booze like there was no tomorrow. You had stayed with the girls, just to be safe.
Then America approached with a hat full of items, and you all thou
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 727 281
Ushiwaka [Ushijima Wakatoshi] Part 3
Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
Part 1 Part 2
After some suggestions made to you by your friends, you decided to look for a self-help book on relationships. It was simple enough to find the book at the store as Romance For Real Dummies was the first book you saw. Having flipped through it quickly, you purchased the copy with hopes of understanding relationships and romance a bit better. The authors were self-proclaimed love gurus and seemed to know what they were talking about.
Now home, you cracked open the book and got down to learning how to "bring out your inner romantic" or so the book claimed to do. After reading a few pages, you went through the more relevant chapters. The first section caugh
:iconkit12323:Kit12323 206 18
[Soulmate AU] Chrysanthemum [Sugawara Koushi]
Sugawara Koushi x Reader
Soulmate AU: Everyone is born with a tattoo on the inside of their wrist of their dominant hand. Only two of the same tattoos exist in the world. The identical tattoos mean that the two people are soulmates. People can go through their lives without ever meeting their soulmate.

Age 6
You hummed to yourself as you put the finishing touches to your sandcastle. The sandbox at the park was always the first thing you went to. The other children tended to head to the monkey bars or the swings. You wanted to build things from your extensive imagination. Smiling down at your work, you looked around for your mother. She was sitting on a bench chatting with another woman. You wanted her to see your creation and was about to call for her, when a ball came flying through the air and landed in the middle of your creation.
You gave a cry of despair as the ball completely destroyed everything. "Oh, sorry," a boy said as he retrieved his
:iconkit12323:Kit12323 142 13
Curious [Aone Takanobu]
Aone Takanobu x Reader

You ran through the doors just as they were closing. Clutching your bag tightly, you tried to regain your breath. You had woken up late and had to run to the train station. Thankfully, you made it just in time to catch the train. Normally, you were one to rise on time and get the early train to get to school. The late train was usually packed with people, so you took the train that came an hour before.
Straightening up, you looked around for a possible seat. There were so many people standing and holding onto the bars. Every seat was taken, it seemed. You sighed and nearly gave up when you spotted two empty seats on either side of another person. You didn't know why they were empty, but you didn't question your luck as you pushed your way through the people.
Opening your mouth to speak you paused as you got a good look at the male sitting. He had an intimidating face with his mouth turned down in a frown. His dark eyes were intense even though
:iconkit12323:Kit12323 153 12
[Soulmate AU] Pink Roses [Oikawa Tooru] Part 2
Oikawa Tooru x Reader
Soulmate AU: Everyone is born with a tattoo on the inside of their wrist of their dominant hand. Only two of the same tattoos exist in the world. The identical tattoos mean that the two people are soulmates. People can go through their lives without ever meeting their soulmate.
Note: This is part 2 of Part 1
After that day of your embarrassing confession, your friend dragged you to eat with Oikawa and Iwaizumi. She wanted you to get to know your soulmate because she wanted you to "know what you were getting into" and see what kind of person he really was. The two boys didn't seem to mind having the two of you join their lunches. Iwaizumi and your friend got along very well that you wondered why they weren't soulmates. You on the other hand was still very nervous around Oikawa.
The setter often did most of the talking and you would listen. Iwaiz
:iconkit12323:Kit12323 224 14
Passing Faces [Soulmate!AU] [Hinata x Reader]
Looking down at your timer, you rubbed your thumb over the numbers on your wrist. You were so nervous. You have been since yesterday. Not even yesterday, actually. You've been nervous for this whole week.
Actually, nervous didn't even begin to cover what you felt. It was just a flurry of emotions, mixing and mashing and hitting you with a barrage of mood swings every second.
That was what was on your timer at this very moment. Thirty-four minutes and sixteen, no fifteen, no fourteen- Agh! Thirty-four minutes until you would meet your soul mate.
You wondered if-
"(Nickname)-chan! Hey!"
You were jolted out of your thoughts as one of your friends, Aoi, called out to you.
"Come on! We're gonna be late for our own school's game!"
You nodded, waving a hand as a sign for her to go first.
"Yeah, you go on! I'm just gonna get myself some snacks first."
"Get me some gummy worms, would ya?" She grinned, looking behind her and giving you a thumbs up before running off to another one
:iconpulchuritudite:pulchuritudite 98 33
Glaring [Soulmate!AU] [Tsukishima x Reader]
Really, he should’ve seen it coming. He was such a dick that it would be obvious that those were the words written on him. With the number of people that he had given random, backhanded insults to, it was amazing that no one had responded with these choice words.
“Fuck you, asshat.” was beautifully written across his forearm. It was blood red, just like everyone else, and had stars drawn around it as a design from the cute, loopy writing. It was kind of ironic how pretty it was, judging on the word choice.
“Watch where you’re going, asshole.”
That unfortunate sentence was scrawled across the right side of your abdomen. The dark red color the only thing beautiful about it, judging that the sentence was written in complete chicken scratch. It was almost impossible to read it, especially since you had had to ask your friend for help when figuring it out. God, your soul mate’s handwriting was complete shit.
Tsukishima Kei. God, everything a
:iconpulchuritudite:pulchuritudite 313 14
Soulmates [5] [Hinata Shouyou x Reader]
At birth, everyone is given half a piece of a puzzle to wear as a necklace, and their soulmate is given the other half. These necklaces get colder the farther you are from them, and warmer the closer you are to them.
It was almost the end of your shift at the local Starbucks, and the shop was completely empty. You were the only worker, and there were no customers. Smiling, you decided to take advantage of the last ten minutes you had until you needed to close up. You turned up the volume on the ambient music playing in the shop, and were about to change it to your favorite song when you felt a strong and sudden heat on your chest.
"Are you closed yet?!" An short male gasped out, leaning against the doorway.
"No, not yet." You said, worry in your tone. You recognized this tired-looking male as Hinata Shouyou, one of the volleyball players from your college.
Hinata took a couple more deep breaths before asking, "Can I have six trenta espressos?"
Your eyes went wide. "Si
:icon0game0time0:0Game0Time0 29 3
Soulmates [4] [Bokuto Koutarou x Reader]
The first words your soulmate says to you is tattooed somewhere on your body.
You stared at the tattoo you've had since birth. You've easily memorized the one word that was written on the inside of your wrist, but for the life of you, you could not figure out what situation would cause someones first words to you be "Hoot!"
"Ugh, seriously!" You cried out. "Who talks to someone using the words 'Hoot!'? It's not some greeting or secret code, and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to have your soulmate be a freakin' bird." You flopped over into your bed, groaning loudly into your pillow. Your sibling peeked his head into your room.
"Still thinking about that hoot thing, huh?" He asked. After you responded with the same groan, he said, "Do you want me to search for owl-related stuff?"
Lifting your head from your pillow, you looked at him. "Would you?"
"Well, owl see what I can do about it." He responded with a grin. You rolled your eyes and groaned even
:icon0game0time0:0Game0Time0 74 7
Soulmates [1] [Nishinoya Yuu x Reader]
The last day of the year you and your soulmate turn 16, you swap bodies. You then have two hours to find out as much information about them as possible.
Being jolted from your sleep by some unknown force, you found yourself in a room you didn't recognize. There were posters of beautiful girls and volleyball players taped messily on the walls. The next thing you saw was a volleyball on the ground, along with clothes scattered here and there. The realization that you weren't in your own room suddenly hit you, and you nearly fell out of the twin sized bed that you were sleeping in.
The first thought that came to your head was, 'Oh my god, was I kidnapped?!' You decided to run from the room as quickly as possible, tripping on the volleyball that was on the floor in the process and making a loud noise.
"Yuu, are you okay?" You heard a tired and unfamiliar voice call to you. 'Wait a second. Today is December 31st!' You practically screamed in your head.
:icon0game0time0:0Game0Time0 87 4
answer |oikawa x reader| soulmate!au
if the answer really is you...
Fifteen minutes late.
It was one of those rare, chilly summer nights, and Oikawa Tooru forgot to bring a sweater. That frustrated him because the bus arrived fifteen minutes late that cold, starless night. Those were things Oikawa could have cared less about before. Since everyone left for college, pointless, subconscious thoughts seemed to be the best kind of company nowadays. He’s also noticed how long it’s taken for him to find the right answer to the question inked neatly on his wrist.
The little, pretty things in life also became more prevalent in the things Oikawa started to notice. The subtle fading of midnight blue into a light periwinkle, into a dusty pink, into a soft orange, that eventually reached down and pressed itself against the horizon.
It would be about four in the morning when he'd perch on his apartment window sill to watch the sunrise. His skin, cold and
:iconpaintmepastelblue:paintmepastelblue 266 45
Shared Talents|Soulmate!AU [Oikawa x Iwa!Reader]
Soulmate AU: Where you get to share the same talents as your soulmate

The shrill cry of the bell signaled the end of the day. Finally. You stood and quietly packed your things, letting the sound of your classmates’ chatter and the dragging of chairs fill the air.
“Iwaizumi-san?” your classmate asked.
“Yes?” you replied, stuffing the last of your things into your bag and looked up.
“Would you like to come with us to the coffee shop?”
“No, thank you, (Classmate’s Name). I feel kind of tired today, so maybe next time?”
“Okay, Iwa-san! Next time!” she smiled cheerily and exited the room.
You sighed, rubbing your right palm at your temple and proceeded to trudge towards the gym.
You have never went to your brother’s practices before; not that you were interested in watching him play, but of his request for you not to go.
You didn’t know the reason why but you complied anyways.
:iconderanged-gongzhu:Deranged-Gongzhu 407 731
Unusual Circumstances [Suga x Reader Soulmate!AU]
Go away
Her footsteps resonated across the cold hollow streets. The sounds mimicking herself. Blank and empty. She wasn’t blank like the other girls. Those girls were looking around for bright splashes of paint to be splattered onto them. This girl was dreary and worn, she had wiped her canvas clean of colour to escape her cruel life.
A few drips of rain began to fall. Instead of running for cover or making any sort of disappointed reaction. She stood with her face facing the clouds. Relishing each drop.
Sugawara gazed at the strange girl from a distance. The way the rain glistened on her skin made her seem almost magical. Her wayward (h/c) hair began to stick to her face and her clothes plastered themselves on her. Yet, she made no
:iconcasaline:Casaline 124 20
Dreams Come True (Iwaizumi x Reader) Soulmate!AU

Everyone was born with their soulmate's name on their wrists. When your soulmate died, the name would be crossed.
"Do you know that dreams do come true, Hajime-kun?"
"What's with that sudden topic?"
"I read about it from a book yesterday! Apparently if you dream enough, it would come true! I've dreamt about meeting you almost every day ever since I learned how to read, and I did!"
"Isn't it just the way soulmate goes, though?"
"But not every soulmates get to meet each other, so we must have met because I dreamt about it long enough!"
"Alright, alright…"
He couldn't find himself to move. He could
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 90 14
Last (Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader) Soulmate AU

Everyone had a sentence written on their wrist; their soulmate's first sentence to them. When someone first saw their soulmate, they would feel a significant pull towards them, which was quite helpful since there were some common sentences like 'Welcome' or 'Excuse me'.

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, please forgive me.
You were in the hospital, visiting a friend from school with your classmates. After talking with her for a while, you felt the urge to go to the toilet. Since the one in her room was occupied by your other friend, you had to go out to find another one.
You felt the weird tug when you were passing another patient's room.
The room was opened and you could see a man, a woman, and a handsome young man crying over the
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 154 47
[Kenma] [Soulmate!AU] Game Stores
Kozume Kenma x Reader  [ Soulmate!AU ]
Soulmate!AU where a timer on your arm counts down to the moment when you meet your soulmate

A quiet sigh left his lips as Kenma put down his game console, having finished the game for the third time in less than one week. He shifted into a more comfortable position on his bed, his two-toned hair splayed all over his pillow as he checked his phone. Casually scrolling through some gaming forums, his eyes widened when he saw that one of his favorite video games from a couple of years back had just released a new version of the game. 
He jumped out of bed almost immediately, excitement coursing through his vein. Grabbing a fresh set of clothes, he got changed and left his house, his pace quick as he walked to the station. 
In the bout of his eagerness to get a new game, Kenma didn't notice how little time he had left on his timer. 
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 564 70



Whaddup I’m not dead I just thought DA was too cringe for me



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