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Hi Everyone,

I have been posting images lately while i had stopped for awhile i have been in deviant art since around the time i was 16 now im 26 so its been about 10 years. This last year was the hardest. I got burned out at work which  not only destroyed my motivation to create for quite a few months. Anyways wanted to take the time to explain why im not updating the Journal so much.

Created a proffesional blog where i talk about programming related activities.

Last month with my Gf we started a blog about our adventures together we tend to go to a lot of places and im posting a lot of my stuff in there.

And last but not least i'm trying to sell art prints a bit more and deviant so far as not been a good place so im putting some more effort in other places.…

Got 2 pieces in there that so far have done averagely well. I used to love this place and i still do and feel like a lot of the new improvements are pretty cool. But feel that the culture has changed a bit when i post a picture now i get some favorites but not any conversation around the art itself. Which is a bit off putting. I come in and got like 10 deviantwatch notification from the groups i joined which are placing a ton of images there everyday.

Could someone give me some tips on how to get into art conversations again feel a bit excluded from the community at the moment.

Alfredo out.
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Submitted on
June 19, 2012