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Last year i posted my goals here for the year and i guess now its time to see how i did:
This were my goals
-Finish the novel i wrote in november for nanowrimo it needs editing and a cover. -COMPLETED
-I want to draw all of the final fantasy summons that i have in a list i wrote last year. - Did something else buddie series so COMPLETED
-Read a photography book. - Read about 4 so COMPLETED
-Take either dancing / photography or drawing lessons one of the three or multiple  -FAILED
-Finish my personal website - COMPLETED
-Finish one of the many applications i have started writing and never finished. - COMPLETED I will be publishing it tonight is a plugin for
-Become a MCPD in WCF - FAILED this is really hard and i will work again on it.
-Go snowboarding to crystal mountain at least 5 times. -COMPLETED
-Finish Wind And Waves - COMPLETED the website closed though
-Avoid getting fired(darn economy crisis) - COMPLETED still got my job and doing fairly well on it.
Run a marathon - COMPLETED ran a marathon an half
Loose 20 more pounds(170) - 50% completion i still need to lose 6 pounds
-Buy a new computer  - COMPLETED

This makes it a solid 80% completion of goals that makes me happy. I think the year was pretty in terms of my personal goals i will post tonight my last images for the year. Thanks to everyone that comes and takes a look at my page and provides me with insight ideas and random comments.

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rift-warden Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2009
way to go :D:D:D
best of luck on your other things :D
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Submitted on
December 22, 2009