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Hi Everyone,

I have been posting images lately while i had stopped for awhile i have been in deviant art since around the time i was 16 now im 26 so its been about 10 years. This last year was the hardest. I got burned out at work which  not only destroyed my motivation to create for quite a few months. Anyways wanted to take the time to explain why im not updating the Journal so much.

Created a proffesional blog where i talk about programming related activities.

Last month with my Gf we started a blog about our adventures together we tend to go to a lot of places and im posting a lot of my stuff in there.

And last but not least i'm trying to sell art prints a bit more and deviant so far as not been a good place so im putting some more effort in other places.…

Got 2 pieces in there that so far have done averagely well. I used to love this place and i still do and feel like a lot of the new improvements are pretty cool. But feel that the culture has changed a bit when i post a picture now i get some favorites but not any conversation around the art itself. Which is a bit off putting. I come in and got like 10 deviantwatch notification from the groups i joined which are placing a ton of images there everyday.

Could someone give me some tips on how to get into art conversations again feel a bit excluded from the community at the moment.

Alfredo out.
I've realized that i've lately been on a funk in terms of art and want to get back to it. I got last week a new camera and lens so hoping that i will start going out and use it.

Bough a sony alpha 55 since i want to try making some movies for youtube also. for the lens got a 85 mm carl zeiss planar i already got the lense and it rocks now waiting for the camera.

I'm going to try and have two photography outings a month that way i get back into it.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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I'm going to post some deviations today probably some pictures i've been really disconnected from this site. I'm wondering is anyone that i know still here ? Say hi. I will do a post with some more information about my absence either today or tomorrow.
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Like the subject says went ahead and took some vacations and got to drive around the Pacific North West and take some pictures uploading a few of them today and tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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I finally felt like grabbing my camera and doing something artsy again so i'm back again this time i'm still playing with silvermisthing even though i haven't posted anything yet but i will before sunday. Also playing with vectors since i'm currently making some 2d video games.

Glad to be back just saying hi
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My apologies for not having taken pictures recently but life has been a bit overwhelming.

Therefore lets stop on that and talk about my new craft I finally started my metalsmithing class in order to attempt to become a proper silversmith. I gotta be honest im enjoyed it to incredible amounts i come home and i smell like copper all the time but its an amazing experience.

I will be posting images soon of what i have crafted so far. Also will post details about the entire experience in my blog at:

Just and FYI for those that read this page every now and then.
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Last year i posted my goals here for the year and i guess now its time to see how i did:
This were my goals
-Finish the novel i wrote in november for nanowrimo it needs editing and a cover. -COMPLETED
-I want to draw all of the final fantasy summons that i have in a list i wrote last year. - Did something else buddie series so COMPLETED
-Read a photography book. - Read about 4 so COMPLETED
-Take either dancing / photography or drawing lessons one of the three or multiple  -FAILED
-Finish my personal website - COMPLETED
-Finish one of the many applications i have started writing and never finished. - COMPLETED I will be publishing it tonight is a plugin for
-Become a MCPD in WCF - FAILED this is really hard and i will work again on it.
-Go snowboarding to crystal mountain at least 5 times. -COMPLETED
-Finish Wind And Waves - COMPLETED the website closed though
-Avoid getting fired(darn economy crisis) - COMPLETED still got my job and doing fairly well on it.
Run a marathon - COMPLETED ran a marathon an half
Loose 20 more pounds(170) - 50% completion i still need to lose 6 pounds
-Buy a new computer  - COMPLETED

This makes it a solid 80% completion of goals that makes me happy. I think the year was pretty in terms of my personal goals i will post tonight my last images for the year. Thanks to everyone that comes and takes a look at my page and provides me with insight ideas and random comments.

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Life sometime throw a curveball

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 7, 2009, 11:55 AM

This is statement is very true. For the most of the past year i thought i was going to go and do a PHD at one point or another now i know this to not be true. I've gotten to a point in life in which i'm actually okay with how my life is. It might not be exciting but very worth living. Due to this i decided to forsake my aspirations to the degree and with that came some more realizations. I really do not have much time :S. This year i started nanowrimo but at this point i'm going to give up on writing the novel only got like 5000 word in. This were the goals for this month:
-Set the web page (now that is designed i need to code it) - Did nothing on this field hopefully i will work on it this month and have it ready for my b-day.
-Take pictures in Spain- Disaster left the camera at home ending without being able to use it during my whole trip took pics with my cell but they are not worth uploading.
-Finish the buddies series - Still missing 2 of them :( one of them has been drawn.
-upload september august images - I'm going to do this one now that way i actually acomplished something.

Therefore next month:
-Release web page
-Finish buddy series

As a new thing i actually thing some of my images are finally good enough to actually be sold has prints and i'm trying to get them sold in order to buy new camera equipment.

Will update on DEC

I just joined this club since i'm planning on doing a lot more of this type of images :iconabstract--reality:

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Last month i said i would finish all this 4 things before september 14.
Finish all of the Buddies series got a few to finish(color pencil works some of them are halfway done).
-Finish the website wind&waves with the new redesign.
-Blog in my blog with tutorials for expression design.
-Upload my pics from the rose festival and from my trip to Oregon(this was in april).
Well i did not but i got quite some progress done on them by setting the deadline for them even if i'm reporting 16th days after the deadline.
-Finish the buddies series - I was missing 4 drawings i completed 2 of them and finish the drawing for the third only needs paint. That is progress for what i had done the month before.
-Finish the website wind&waves - This one kind of failed since the website owner decided to cancel the website but instead i did the design of my own personal website posted the interface in my gallery.
-Upload pics - This one i did very well i'm done with the pictures from oregon and with the help of my new computer i'm actually done editing all the pics i had backlogged only need to upload the ones from august and september. Then take more pics
-Blog in my blog with tutorials this is one is done feel free to check it out

So what will i be doing this month:
-Set the web page (now that is designed i need to code it)
-Take pictures in Spain.
-Finish the buddies series
-upload september august images.

In case you guys are wondering i did fairly well on the GRE's and will be filling my application to master's very soon. Thanks if anyone actually reads this.
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Alright since i have been very sloppy lately in terms of updating i've decided i'm going to time bound my goals and here it goes things to be done before September 14,2009.
-Finish all of the Buddies series got a few to finish(color pencil works some of them are halfway done).
-Finish the website wind&waves with the new redesign.
-Blog in my blog with tutorials for expression design.
-Upload my pics from the rose festival and from my trip to Oregon(this was in april).
Basically i'm going to try and do this before the next month that way i can track my progress will let you know how it goes. Besides that i might be going back to college so i'm taking the GRE this month in order to apply to graduate school. Hope everyone is doing well.

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Hello Everyone,
    Last time i wrote here i was talking about my book and that i had to finish for the 1st of june and well i did it's right now on its way to getting a proof of copy made which hopefully will look good and read well. Like i promise i will give people a preview of it so attached to the link is the first 8 chapters of the book that would be about 1/5 of it in total it has 180 pages which i guess is not that much but it was my first time writing a novel. I don't think is that good so i don't think i will pursue a publisher for it. But nonetheless enjoy
    The second good news is that i have been training for a marathon an it's at the end of this month. I have at this point finished all of my long runs and im pretty much ready only need to keep running until the date. Also i had set a goal of fundraising 500 dollars for the lazarex foundation and i managed to surpass it today. :) . Below a link to my fundraising page:
    In terms of what is going on with me and my art i want to buy some photography equipment but right now im budget constraint trying to make the best of what i got and go out to shoot a lot but i got a lot of stuff stuck in the computer without any review of it. I hope to upload 2 or 3 from my last trip before the end of week.

Thanks for reading,
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I had written this note 5 secs ago when my page sadly refreshed and deleted all i had written :S. Well i haven't had time to process the images from my trip to oregon or finish with my trip to Europe which at this point has me pretty annoyed. But right now my life is sort of pretty busy and i have a lot of stuff to do between friends and work. That is really not letting me complete my other side projects. I really have drawn quite a bit i just haven't had time to actually paint them.But on others news the book i wrote in november a novel will be done by the end of thsi month and i will probably be placing a link to it for people to be able to read it. It would be awesome if i could get you guys opinions when i upload it. Until then.
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Hello to whoever reads this. Some times it seems like no matter what we attempt life tries to make us do something that we haven't planned and right now that is what happening to me on a daily basis. I'm waking up i got this goals of things i want to accomplish yet i start the day and work on other stuff that never seems to be complete either and like this i got one million things going on but not one that seems to getting nearer to completion.
   For example my buddies series i only got 5 more pieces to do to finish yet i'm at the moment drawing something else that is taking my time from doing that.

Seriously feel confused with these many options :S
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I normally don't psot thigns like this but this deserves a company just created a new break trough in resistive touch sensing screen technology( think wacom tablets / cintiq) in which the accuracy is increased incredibly and that is kind of evolutionary but the impressive thing is that you can now officialy use brushes and other things that are not just your stylus and finger to manipulate it. I think it will be pretty interesting for digital media in a few years.…
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Rules :

- Each tagged person should post 8 facts about himself/herself.
- Each tagged person should write a journal/blog about these facts.
- At the end, tag 8 people (only if you feel like it, lol)


let's get to it!!!

1. My real profession is a software developer and i have been working for less than a year.
2. I studied at the same place for my entire life and kept the same group of friends trough all those years.
3. I really like dragons and used to have a big collection of them but is back at home cuz it did not fit in my new apt.
4. I don't watch tv or movies by myself because it bores me.
5. Something i never get to mention is that i'm an eagle scout(Got the rank when i was 15).
6. (posting this one in response to Mafeo's accident story)I had a very big accident on sixth grade because i fell from a cliff and landed on top of a tree the branches went all trough me and left my left hand useless(still lacks a bit of sense) for awhile sadly i used to be left handed and had to learn to write again.
7. Probably should mention this i'm puertorican :).
8. I prefer to do stuff than just sit and talk unless the other person really has a subject(Hate lounges).

This is me. Everyone that i was thinking of tagging sorta this already.
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Well it seems like the world is goign to collapse i actually wrote two journals in one month. OMG.
The new year looks like is going to start in a bad way since they ask me to work on the 1st of january(working vertime on the first day of the year seems to be a bad precedent for the year). Bit it doesn't really matter i got a few things i want to do this year concerning my art hobby and other things.
  I'm going to start cleaning up my gallery i took a look at it and there is some stuff here i am no longer proud of. Therefore i will delete all the ones that have no favorites or comments and i no longer feel they are worthy. The ones that got favorites and comments i will sent to scraps. My goals for the year are the following (some of them might be stupid):
-Finish the novel i wrote in november for nanowrimo it needs editing and a cover.
-I want to draw all of the final fantasy summons that i have in a list i wrote last year.
-Read a photography book.
-Take either dancing / photography or drawing lessons one of the three or multiple
-Finish my personal website
-Finish one of the many applications i have started writing and never finished.
-Become a MCPD in WCF
-Go snowboarding to crystal mountain at least 5 times.
-Finish Wind And Waves
-Avoid getting fired(darn economy crisis)
-Loose 20 more pounds
-Buy a new computer

I hope to get at least some of this things done during the year it looks like it might be fun to try. I hope to hear at least one or two things that you guys have planned for the next year.
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Well November is done (Finally) and i finished my nanowrimo story.(Drums playing) I have oficially written a novel (awesome clapping sound). At this point i guess is more like a first draft and it needs seven years of editing before i am really done with it and i can give to either an editor or upload to the interweb but is a good feeling to have finish this. I am making a promess to upload to chapters to deviant before the end of the month.
   On other notes today is my brithday i am getting old(cries). I will try to enjoy it i guess.
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Hi everyone well i got a new Dev Id from one of the pics i took of myself in halloween(Yes i was putting the camera on a timer an running to be able on the shot). With october gone november starts and for me that = nanowrimo. Which consists on writing a full novel in a month (50,000) words the idea is to write a lot and not be that concerned about the quality i'm hoping to finish this year im writing a scifi romantic novel and the setting is a school in Rincon Puerto Rico and the ability of "Los santeros" using their abilitist on ocultism (lol this name is weird) and how they work on the shadows of the world and affect the relationship of a young kid that has knowledge of all this. So far im on chapter 3 and i got a word count of 2700 words a lot to got still il give and update later on the month. I'm avatare on nanowrimo also if someone wants to add me.

Have a fun november.
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Well i no longer live in my beloved Puerto Rico and about two months ago i moved to the Pacific Northwest in washington state. I'm still sorting trough my images from my trip to europe this summer they are a lot . But i also started going into hiking trips around where i live therefore im ending up with a lot of pictures of flowers , trails and mountain summits. This palce is gorgeous pretty much anyway you drive which is kind of cool.

I downloaded photomatic to try my hand at HDr photography and i think is really interesting technique i'm probably going to do a shotting session in seattle to get skyline pictures and the like i would also like doing the same thing in bellevue.

I wish i had a scanner i'm drawing almost everyday but got no way to get them up to be able to post them.
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At the moment im very afk im taking a tour of europe i got some pics that i think are going to be promising will be posting them soon. My life is changing at a very fast pace at the moment not sure what is going to happen. After i get back from this im changing countries in order to start working and not sure what will happen with my extra time. Ill post back in a few weeks i hope everyone is doing well.
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