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Chapter 9Making familys and gathering a amryChapter 9Making family’s and gathering a amry Authors note here’s a funny story I kinda came up with avatar I had an idea in high school where one person could use all four elements and I called that person the avatar it was a vague idea went nowhere you can believe me or not up to you I don’t really care to be honest. And no I am not going to add to my vague idea it been made and called avatar the last Airbender it’s just Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko beat me to it flushed it out where I didn’t I am glad to be part of this fandom and love the series and I contributed with few ocs in this fic.Zuko made it to the northern water tribe he goes in with his Mother, Katara, and kya Kya goes up and hugs, Amook “sorry about Yue” she says.He shows them their bedrooms, Katara as her arm around Zuko they have a room together.Zuko kisses Katara she kisses back,” thank you for getting me pregnant Zuko oh thanks for helping me move on from Aang I will miss him”, she then cries remembering him.“Shhh it’s ok Southern water tribe Princess,” he says, as she cries it out.“We need to find his body and Appa! He’s got be alive!” says Katara, he then lays her down the couple’s rests.With Kya and Ursa they kiss, “I love you Kya” said Ursa Kya blushes they set down and had a snack.Then went to bed they got up at dawn Zuko and Ursa take Katara and Kya to breakfast, they both take seats out for the lovers.Both watertibe maidens set down while the fire nation royal heir and heiress set down across from them, they all eat” so I am hoping I can help the Nations end slavery and bring peace”.They eat the dining room is hugely made from ice and blue wall paint, then Zuko goes to the stage and then makes his speech.After Zuko and Ursa go get a piece of blue fabric, they get metal to begin to carve Zuko carves a wolf head on it.Ursa made one from a star water coming out of it in water blasts, they paid for them and put in neckless boxes.They left began to go back to Wajai, back on Wajai island Tylee sparing with Jin, Jin dodges Tylee’s punches and kicks “you good” says Jin.Tylee smiles and answers,” this what 12 years of Royal Fire academy for girls gets you”.Jin swings her arms send an energy blast at Tylee Tylee does a side flip her arm gets cut, “damn not bad” she says.With Mai and Suki they swing swords at each other, they jump back” my sword fighting could be better” Suki says Mai looks at her.Replays” you better than me” Suki smiles then Kiss Mai, Mai kiss back they go get Lunch that Song is making fish which only thing they have.“Uh fish agin Song?!” complains Jin, other girls roll their eyes” it’s the only thing we got Jin” Mai retorts.The ship comes back Zuko Katara Ursa and Kya walk off, the ship “we need to build our army girls” Zuko says.Jin then walks off no one knowing she shaking pain in her muscles her body began to sweat she felt like Azula comes and gets her, “Azlua going to come after me!” she says.Song goes in “Jin you ok?” she asks her lover considered about her wellbeing, she runs up to Jin sees her withdrawing from after Burner and Sprint .Song hugs her cuddles with her as her withdeawls get best of her “its ok Jin we love you” , she keeps shaking.Zuko comes in sees the mess Jin is , he hugs her kiss her lips “i am here Jin” he says to her sets beside her and Song.Hours pass Jin wakes up she kisses Son sees Zuko asleep, she gets up and kisses him he kisses her.“We need to go to a contraction camp called, Camp Control I need you Katara, Suki, Mai Tailee, “ he says.They all go near the earth kingdom, they land Zuko puts the girls in cuffs behind their backs he goes hiding in the woods comes across a guard of the contraction camp.He draws his sword then stabs him in the throat drags the body, in a bush and takes his armor and puts it on.Takes Katara, Jin, Song, Mai and, Tailee, and Suki and Sako in a line with cuffs behind their backs.They arrive at the gate it’s a tremendous earth bent wall with a giant gate and earth benders near the wall, Jin began to shake was trembling violently, sweat beading down her fingertips as the world shook beneath her. The breath in her lungs was short. She felt as though there was someone screaming into her ear to run the hell away from the gates.She thinks,’ shit if we recaptured Azlua won’t be easy on us!’ Katara, Suki, Tylee Mai, and Sako walk tall , backs straight As trees as they approached the gates.They are Like mountains they would not crumble, in the face of the danger of the mission.“Open the gate!” bellows a guard, as earth benders inside swing their arms opening the big as a mountain gate, Zuko and the girls went in “new prisoners,” says Zuko.As they walked through the gate it was like passing into hell, none of the other prisoners met their eyes, from what they could see this was a desolate dark place.As they enter the place their Tents with fires burning near them, stood all around, the ground covered in mud. The girls could see nothing beyond the walls.It a scene out of a nightmare the six lined up with Zuko behind them, Katara and Song smell A horrible smell assaulted the two healers, the smell of something rotting; it was the smell of death.The cries of the sick and dying triggered something in Katara and Song, then a door opens to a small Slender Woman that approached them, had pale skin. Her Amber eyes wearing a fire Nation uniform a crown red top reveals her stomach with arm guards and pants and her eyes are cold as she stared at themThe woman says,” my name is Akaru I am you warden you Boss, and you Master and you my workers and toys”.She was poised like a snake, ready to strike at a Only her eyes gave away the danger she possed of the prisoners.Jin and Song shook like leafs in the wind, at Akru’s intimidation , the others stood tall as tree agest the wave of darkness.Guards handed out brown clothes to the girls to wear they went to the changing room, Akru studies the six to find the wimpish of the two she found them in Jin and Son.The girls change Zuko, waits outside the changing room they come out Song and Katara ran to the tents looking for the ill and injured to heal.Female is caughing in a blue Tent Katara runs in, she has long brown hair blue eyes and brown skin wearing brown shirt and pants.Katara fetches water in a brown wooden bowel begins to heal the girl, of illness the girls body got warm as fire as her illness dissipated like darkness.“Thank you Princess of the sountren water tribe my name is yano” she around Katara’s age .With Song she with an earth-bender male with green eyes brown hair light olive skin, he’s in pain from a dislocated shoulder.Song goses get a lanvder plant makes paste out of it, she then push the man’s shoulder in place the pain hurt as if someone was stabbing him in the shoulder with a knife.He yells in pain, she then gets lavender and makes it into a paste and rubs on his shoulders , both Katara and Song worked for hours .The sun fell down, Akru sent two guards to get Song she dragged out of her authorized tent to Akru Mansion at the end of the camp.End of chapter 9 plese read and review

Mature Content

Chapter 7Rekindling the flameChapter 7 Rekindling the flameAuthors note : i dont accept review requests they be ignored denied and deleted oh i dont review as guest i use my profile a review is 100% rare of me to do since i dropped reading fanfiction for years now.Zuko in bed thanking how fix this mess of a harem he as help Mai, regian her emotions.He gets out of bed wile his harem enters with breakfast, it fish he eats wile Katara rubs his shoulders Jin puts socks on.Mai puts derote on him and Tylee his pants, Jin his shirt she and the others gave stiren looks to Tylee and Mai.He got up went to his office, were Yeen and Zoso standing in his office “we got a meeting with the Chief of the northern water tibe for trade deals Lord Zuko” says Yeen.Zuko heads to the northen water tribes in the air ship, he makes it their heads to the castle were Arnook waited.“Welcome Prince Zuko we need talk about things like trade deals” he took Zuko to the meeting hall, their drinks were served.Zuko drank it , “so are we open for trade deals like Penguin fish they going 20% increst now and days since you country took the world over”.Says Chief Arnook , Zuko says”i am anti slavery even i have slaves of my own they forced on me by my Father i want ebolsh it but my country is profiting off of it”.Zuko looks down ashamed of his country’s actions “oh the solders are rapeing our women”, his eyes then narrow in anger and rage fire built up in his body.He got up fire bended in the air, “ah Sorry Chief about fire bending i am mad” Zuko states bows at the norgations and heads home.In the harem wing Mai making Zuko lunch “uh Zuko i love you” she says to herself as Jin and Song walk in for lunch wile they have Ramen for lunch by a Fire Nation trader named zami who switch sides doing the battle of Ba Sing Sei.She comes in with light brown skin hazel eyes and puts it on the table she wearing a bra top and skirt barefoot,” here you go Lunch”.She says, as she leaves the room Katara walks in begins to eat wile Suki in the shadows eating watching Katara because of her weird behavior.Mai goes to Zuko’s bedchamber, wait he walks in 15 minutes later she hands him his lunch he takes it take chop sticks begins to eat.She eats to they smile at each other then kiss other waves of passion hits them both as they tear apart finish the food, “i love you Mai” says Zuko .Mai shakes her head yes, then he kiss her agin both go for a walk in the garden he picks a flower for her she smells it.Joy in Mai eyes as it her favorite flower , he sets on a beach”i have a favor to ask of you Mai” he asks May gave a look of worry to Zuko’s request.He then says”can you join Suki as being my eyes and ears in the court ?”, she then shakes her head yes. He smiles sees the sun going down.He then went to bed Mai joins him , he gets up at dawn Mai alredy out of bed made him pancakes and dressed him he eat it.“Thanks Mai oh i am bring Song and Sako with us they can help with diplomatic issues i am talking toTalim Beifong Toph younger sister”, zuko gave a sigh ,Mai face twisted with concern for Zuko she dressed him, Song and Sako enter his room then he eats his breakfast .Then Zoso and Yeen walk in they all head to the air ship went to Gaoling town were the Beifong family reside, Zuko and his harem and body guards enter the Beifong estate.It big with white walls they meet in the dining wall were a young women of 14 ,“weclome prince Zuko i want make trade for us and i want to know were my younger sister Toph is?”.Zuko sets down Yeen eats some food”its safe Prince Zuko” she says, Zuko eats both talk about buying boulders for leaks and stuff .Zuko says,”from reports she dead she died by suicide” he says in a sad tone, has she looks down with a sad look.The young women look like Tohp a little bit with brown eyes , her name is Talim Baifong she wearing a yellow kimono her black hair in twin tails.“Uh you sister is better dead then alive thire worse fates then death” Mai says in a mildy cold cruel emotionless tone like uselerual, then grabbing Song’s and Sako’s slave collors and shows Talim.Zuko then shakes as Mai lets the two slave’s go his hands become fists he gritts his teeth in rage, and then yells” that is cold and inconsiderate of you Mai!”. He then completes the deal and walks away Song and Sako chase after him, Mai looks down in shame and bows “i am very sorry Lady Talim”.Zuko stops at a river, Sako and Song walk up to him”zuko you ok?” Zuko glances at Song and Sako the earth Kingdom beauties in his collection.He says,”that was stuipid of Mai to say!” both Song’s and Sako’s face trun with concern for Zuko and Mai, Sako kiss him he kiss Sako back.“Lets return to the ship” replies Song the trio then went to the airship, with Mai.“I expilne what happened i was their tried to stop the rape”, flash back after the Ba sing sei is couqured a girl with clear eyes black hair three bangs over her eyes she wearing short green sleeves with yellow like jacket.She tied up loaded on a transport to the contraction /slave tranring camps of new Azlua wich renamed after Azlua took it, she transported to the place.First place breaking secontion then rapeing after, she put in a tent began to get wiped Toph yells in pain as her clothe being torn appart , “this great sounds” say Toph tormenter .His cock became hard he whiped her for four days, she dint break he then took her up five feet to the rape camp she coulnt sense Katara anywere or Sokka.She is tied down to a bed guy rips her clothes off fear over took Toph in waves as it creeps on her face, “no!” she yells as the guy rams his dick in her.She thought ‘ no i cant lose my virginity i cant be a slave! I wont i rather die!’ she then bites her tung blood spracys in her mouth, Toph feels sharp pain in her mouth and iron taste from the blood.Her body began to relax as peace wash over her body she closes her eyes and dies , while Toph is dying Mai trying push the touturer off of Toph then Mai noticed the greatest earth bender of her generation died.End of flash back Mai eyes began to leak tears as she gave the last Beifong heiress closer to her sister’s death, “thank you Mai now please leave” says Talim.Mai then returns to the ship their others waited, Zuko got tired went to bed with the girls “damn hes lucky getting that many girls” says Zoso.Yeen smiles at the racist idiot and kiss his lips “i love you dumbass i loved you ever sice we were children it happened around Mai falling for Zuko” , he kiss her back.With Zuko in his bed chamber he laying down Mai, Song, Sako kissing eatchother he smile at their show they kiss eatchother necks.As Zuko took his pants off and began stroke his dick he moans the girls moan, pleesure hit the four of them, Zuko then graba Mai.He kiss her she kiss back ,he takes her top off kiss her neck and rubbing her left breast Mai moans while Sako kissing Song right and rubbing her left.Song moans and yelps in plessure at Sako’s masterful skill over sex, Sako rubing her hand over her stomach went down to Song’s pussy and figner her Song moans.Back with Zuko Mai rubbing his dick it became inflamed and hard as a bolder , she smirks at it , Zuko puts Mai on her back.he smiles he then ramms his dick in her mouth, Mai sucks Zuko’s, he moans and his back archs he rams harnder he forces Mai to deep thorat his dick.Pleesue hits him in waves, he moans has he feels griping feeling hits his dick.His cum rises Mai began gasp for air has Zuko’s huge dick is blocking her air wave Mai gaging air left Mai lung’s begging for air,He then cums Mai began shallowing every drop of her loves cum, with Sako, and Song Sako is fisting Song and Song fisting her .Thire came rises and build the pleusser for both earth kingdom maidens is overwhelming , their senses slows down.Both moan as thire came rose then they came allover the floor , both smirk at each other Zuko pulls out his dick lobacated.He rubbed the head of his dick on, ass she then rams init “ah it hurts Zuko!” yelles Mai has her ass wasnt relaxed.It began to relax plessure took Mai over as the pain faded both Song and Sako watch as their Master dominates thire sister Slave, they smirk at Mai face as it contoured into a face of bliss.Zuko went harder and faster with each pase Mai moans”i love you Zuko!” she yells out.He then cums in her pulls out cum oozes out of her ass then Song and Sako get rags and clean his dick, he then rams in Mai she yells out in pleasure as her eyes blewed began to pass out he came in her she came allover the bed.Song smirks and kiss Zuko’s lips he kiss her lip’s, both moan he then kiss her neck”more Zuko!” she says has her tung sticks out his dick still hard.He then rams in her pussy she yells out “ah yes Zuko i am willing be you slave forever!” yells Song as her eyes rolls back in her head, Zuko is screwing Song and screwed Mai brians out they loved his dick it was addicting.Both their came rose then they cum, he then pulls out washes his dick rams in her ass Song grits her teeth in pain.Zuko feel Son’s ass cheeks clamping down on his dick “ah you ass is tight” Zuko answers, Song then moans as pleasure hits her .They keep ramming in eatch other , they moans Song’s stomach got tight they both cames a second puddle in the bed Song then pass out.Back with Yeen and Zoso they eating dinner they have dragon leg wich huge and red wine”this great Zoso but you need stop being racist towrds the girls , he looks at Yeen with a look of confusion.“Why FireLord Ozai said we the best in the world”, she shook her head replies”Yeen thats was and still is bullshit Propaganda”.He then says”fine i will for you but they need teach me their culture and ways”, Yeen shook her head and kissed him they finished up went and stop at Zuko’s bed room.Back in the fire nation, Suki looking around the place for information on Azlua or Ozai she stops and see Katara walk across the hall she stelary follows, Katara enters Azula room.Suki hides behind the door listen in on the covacsion , in the room Katara bows “Zuko gone off on his political duties and well Suki and Jin been doing good and nothing suspicious “ says Katara.“Good my toy you get a reward” she pulls her pants down, gets a black dildo with purple gem studs, Katara takes her skirt down and bends over she smirks at Azula.Azula then ramms her dildo in Katara pussy she moans as her cum rises, “this great mistress!” she says in a slurry tone.Suki hears it and then leaves she then begin felling walls for hidden passage ways and rooms, she touches a button a wall opens.Suki goes in thires tunnels on both sides, she walks down one see peep holes, to room and people .She then stops and dedecus wipers herself,”i wonder if Zuko has a escape tunnel in his bed chamber office in the harem wing?”.She retruns to the office cheaks around the room she stops at the book case feels air , then returns to his bed chamber.Same in the bookcase , then goses to the harfem wing were Jin just came back from the spirit world,”hey Suki what you doing?”.Suki looks around, “mmmm were the hell would the escape tunnel be for us slaves/Harem girls?!” Jin eyes look dazed and tired .Suki lifts up the rug found a door to a satire case, she then closes it and comes down then goses to bed so dose Jin.Back with Zuko he kissing , Sako pleasure hit him it is stronger then what Song and Mai gave him way stronger.Sako kiss him back she kiss his neck he moans as he rubs her breasts she neaked already “you good Zuko you so good to us girls” says, Sako.Both their backs arched, she sucks his dick hard and fast Zuko closes his eyes as has her mouth was hot and steamy to his dick she sucks good .He suppress his urge to cum. She keeps going harder he then cums in her mouth she shallows his seed .Then she took his dick put it in between her boobs, he closes his eyes and moans he fingers her she moans.Both pleasure rises up as Zuko adds a second third his pinky they fists her, he then cums again she cums.He then rammed in her pussy she moans has he takes over gos faster and faster, she then cums.He then rammed in her ass she moans agin, stays wake”you got high stanama” Zuko says.Both cum rises then they cum in unison, “why you so good at sex?” asks Zuko she just blush and smiles.End of chapter 7
chapter 6 the Harem fractured Chapter 6 The harem fractured Azlua analyzed the water tribe/ice princess of the southern water tide and water bending master, she looks at her Bronze skin her curves her Voluptuous hips and boobs .Azlua licks her lips”ok peasant time to have fun “ she began to sway her arms heat hit Katara’s body she began wake she began to breath hard , and yelles”what do you want? you Royal bitch!”.Azlua smiles “i want you body you mind you heart and you soul and you loyalty ” she says in a dark lustful tone, Katara body got hotter .“Stop!” yells Katara has the pleasure in her mind and body grows, Azlua then dose a different bending.Makes four of her she then gets on top of Katara smiles a twisted smile, she kiss Katara lips pleasure hit Katara she squirms under Azula while the four clones counited the pleasure bending .Katara breathing becomes heavy, as her mind and body and nerves even her senses are overwhelmed with waves waves of pleasure.Katara senses are overwhelm, Overriding her sense of self pulling her into its depths Adrenaline made her heart pound faster, she could not fight what was happening to her.Azlua moves down to her breasts rips Katara bra off, kissing them and rubbing them Katara back arches into Azlua’s body .Azlua stops and strips necked she then gets back on top of the waterbender turned slave , Azlua then bite Katara’s neck Azlua’s Teeth piercing her flesh.Katara gave out a mixture of moan and a blood curling scream with burning pain coming from her neck Azlua then looks at her finger nails.She holds Katara into her body and uses her Perfect sharp Nails like claws into Kataras Flawless brown skin, into the ice princess back Katara yells out in pain has blood came from her neck and scratches on her back.Katara then thanking,’ muh the pleasure and pain so good but i need should fight this this bitch wont tame me make me a play thing!’ She wanted to fight, but wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body; overriding all her senses. What was happening to her? She could not stop the moan the escaped her lips, why couldn't she stop her.Azlua smiles at the breaking Process of Katara, she then scratches Katara Boobs and stomach Katra yelles with pain and pleasure .Katara body arches again agest Azlua , Azlua then stops the pain and begins eating Katara out Katara eyes rolling back in her head and tung sticking out.Has Tears start to flow unchecked from her eyes as she moans over and over again. She could no longer fight against the assault on her senses as mind and body gave in to the pleasure of the flesh.Azlua laughs at this her will and her lust and her sadistic Nature overwhelms Katara's weakening will the ice princess loses the battle.Katara’s last willful thoughts were of the promise to her mother she always be strong and promise to herself of her capture and enslavement she wouldn't break.Katara then yells one last time cums all over Azlua’s bed, and face she licks her lips of Katara’s cum , the clones vanished “you mine Peasant” she wisperes in Unconcious Katara’s ear she then lays beside her Prize gave a smugful smile .She then says to Katara”thire more fun if you be obendt and loyal to you new mistress “, she Kiss Katara cheek falls asleep right beside the once proud powerful waterbender now a broke obent shell of her formorself .Light hit the bedroom of the harem wing Sako eyes crack open has she moans “oh Sonson i loved last night” she then saw Sonson beneath her, her eyes closed.Her skin pale not light brown her body cold Sako felt for a pouls but Sonson dint have one she then yells at the top of her lungs .Jin , Mai, Tylee, wake up Jin still naked from the night before all gathered, around the bed so did Yeen has she told Zuso stay outside incase the girls were naked .“Weres Katara at?” asks Yeen in a panic , as she sees Sonson dead corpse.“I am here” Katara says walking in the room. She sees Sonson dead then hugs Jin’s Naked body tears falling from Jin eye’s has her body tremble in Katara’s arm.“M m my s s sister d d dead!”, Jin Sobs Yeen wrote a letter to Zuko goes to the messenger Hawk in a large roosting tower.Its huge filled with messenger Hawks Yeen gets one, puts letter in it with a red ribbon on it made it fly its heading to Kyoshi island.With Zuko he still trying to master pleasure bending, he sweating while going through the movements of the bending style.Suki watches while catching up with her two friends Ka and sha while they watch Zuko do the bending hour pass Suki serves him lunch, he eats.“Thanks Suki” Zuko says she blushes at him while eating a yell is heard Zuko runs out sees two Kyoshi women one guy one women over two of the local women.Zuko draws both his swords.”what are you two doing?!” he yells in a authority tone.“What do you thank ?taking whats ours” reply a women with red fire nation armor with bra like top and helmet , golden eyes light skin wearing the dress her name is UrasiThe guy wearing fire nation armor has short brown hair black eyes drawing his sword,”we dont care if you are the prince” says the guy his name is Maozaho he fires a fire blast at Zuko.Suki uses her fan and jumps back has the fire spread Zuko uses fire Lash huge lash comes down on Maozaho who dodges it , but gets his arm burned. Urasi attacks Zuko but Suki runs in hits her arm away fire hitting the the air , Suki dodges a fire blast from Urasi.Suki draws her Katana swings while Urasi did uses firejab Suki blocks she skits back ‘shit i need get better with sword it my average skill but weak’, Suki thanks.She jumps back and yells “Hungry Blade Grinding Butterfly!” she seaths her sword, then changes at Urasi Urasi uses firedaggers charges at Suki.Both slash each other , Urasi then dies by her upper body sliding off by Suki’s sword blood sprays from the slash wound.Suki falls but stands on her sword, breathing hard has her stomach is burned, she winches in pain has it burns .With Zuko he dodges , Maozaho’s fire blast while Zuko uses fire missile Maozaho tries dodge it follows him burns his right leg.MaoZaho then strikes the ground with fire, it explodes on the ground Zuko uses fire block block the attack.Zuko sees fire in centutrure of the village he waves his arms doing fire augmentation, the flames grow and hit MaoZaho killing him tuning him into a scorch on the ground.Zuko gos helps Suki in when the messenger Hawk lands on his shoulder, he takes letter out reads it he looks di”.sappointed.He then packs and heads back to Fire Nation, on his boat treating Suki’s burn.Back at the harem ring Tylee cooking dinner set out to everyone Katara beside Jin hugging her and cuddling her to keep her claim.“Here you go Bunbun” Tylee says to Jin hands her her food she kiss Jin lips Jin dint kiss back, Jin gave a sad look.She gave food to katara”heres dinner Sweetkins”, she calls Katara and hands Sako her meal kiss her “you welcome Love Bug”.Tylee then goes to Song and hands her her meal kiss her ,lips “love you My world “ Song blushes.She then goes to Mai says “ here you go sugar bear” Mai takes eats they all eat, Katara then looks at Mai and Tylee gives a gleeful smile.said,”Ladys i got something to tell you Tylee and Mai are Azlua’s right hand women and attack dogs who helped you get enslaved brought this world to us”.Jin Son, and Sako stairs death glairs at the ex attckdogs, of Azlua Mai then yells”we hate her she done nouthing but abouse me and Tylee and rape us!” yells Mai has a unknown emotion hits her.It felt like a fire was coming out of Mai body, “oh shit Mai you aura red!” yells Tylee in a panick and shock of her long life friend who shows zero emotions .Mai then ran to her bedchamber , lays on the bed crys thanks what her parents made her into emotionless doll of a daughter .Flash back 15 years ago Mai was in her nursery in her crib, a women with black hair in a high ponytail wears a fire nation coller and light gray shirt she has brown eyes.She held Mai and feed her five years pass and Mai now five she at the table eating she says”mommy i want more juice!” she yells Michi then slaps her face.“Do i got put you in the closest Mai were the Kemurikage is!” Mai then shook in fear of the threat Mai stays qouet as they had compony.Mai finished going to leave”Mai you need excuse yourself be seen and not heard!” scresses Michi who grabs her by the collar of Mai clothes and throws her in the closest.Then a chain rattling was heard hasa cloaked women with mask approaches from the darkness a hissing voice says,”ah Lady Mai you back for a visit”.Mai said, Stay away from me Kemurikage!” the Kemurikage stiares at Mai it did bad things to Mai Mai yells rejections.Few days pass Mai hasn't eaten or had water or Juice she has bucket filled with her waste, her mother opens the door lets her out.Mai slowly walks out with her eyes squinting because of the light, “i am sorry for being rude mother!”she yells.Michi takes Mai to her room begins hitting her with her fists “ouch that hurts mommy!” yells ,Mai has her body began get bruised along with her face bruised with black eyes busted lip and broken nose.End of flash back Mai fell asleep on her bed, Tylee joins her sleeps back with Katara Jin Sako and Song.Song says” we should forgive both Tylee and Mai” Katara and jin gave a look of disapproval of the idea Sako is indifferent at it only reason her life was always shit she only had her freedom but as nothing now but her Master and sister slaves/ harem sisters.“I dont give a shit just forgive and let live” says Sako, the 3 went to bed when they got up the next day Zuko returns .With a sad look on his face he hugs Jin Jin squirms under him and growls “dont touch me you failed to protect me and Sonson!”, she yells with a burning rage.Jin looks down sad at the reply”want her buried or cremated i can try get good land” Zuko answers with empathy and love in his voice for Jin and Sonson.He lets her go trys to kiss her, but she dont kiss back he lets go she then leaves the harem wing .Gets a cloak on leaves the castel Suki follows her, she stops in the shady place of the fire Nation capital.She stops in a alley way”hey you what you looking for?”. Asks a girl with long brown hair to her back she wearing red clothes .Thoue from her skin complexes and caramel eyes , shes earth kingdom Jin walks in the alley.“Hi name is Nala i am a drug dealer “ she gave Jin a scroll of list of drugs, “i take the Spirit” Nala hands it to Jin.Jin pays and leaves Suki saw it keep protecting Jin from the shadows, Jin makes it back to the harem wing and her room.Jin opens the bag it was light blue christals, she eats them began feel her spirit leave her body she enters the spirit world wich is a hilsanation .Two women beside her one cat ears and tail the other fox ears and tail got body of humans, fox looks fire nation and the cat looks water tribe.“Hi we you sprint guides our names are Yang Shang and Neisha” they said in unison ,Jin smiles at the two.“Ok take me to Sonson” says Jin, as the two women lead her to a newly home , in reality Jin was on the floor drooling eyes lifeless .Back with the halousanation Jin lead to a house were Sonson is she hugs her sister Sonson hugs her “i miss you Sonson”, says Jin .Hour pass and Jin high has crashed she looks horrible her uselsly betaufule hair is messy her eyes are tired looking and bloodshot, she gets ready to burry Sonson under a tree.Everyone criyes but Jin takes it the hardest Katara, holds her so dose Zuko she has nothing to do with him both Zuko and Suki noises the atmosphere around was thick like butter and hostility are high.Zuko senses this thanking how to fix it he notices began to rain cloudy and dark the girls then began return to the harem wing , Zuko follows but Mai pulls him to the side so dose TyLee.“Master we thank Azula pulling stuff behind you back”, says Mai he then takes Mai to his bed chamber .“I know something wrong”, Zuko says Mai looks down shakes her head yes then kiss him a warm feeling hit her .“I need you help regaining my emotions my mother was a monster Zuko she beat me and threw in a closest with a Kemurikage that molested and raped me has a child i was locked the closet for three days!”.She began to cry unhappyess washs over Mai, Zuko kiss her lips “i am here for you Mai and all the girls” .With Jin she laying in bed crying not wanting to get up, Katara set on Jin’s bed put Jin head in her lap.“I know you feeling when i lost my mother i was a child when it happened”, flash back when Katara was eight fire Nation attacks her village .In the igloo is Katara and her mother, Kya she has black hair and ice blue eyes on her knees “pless spare my child and me i am the last waterbender!” she yells.Yon Rha takes Kya out from the Igloo, a blood curling yells heard Katara runs to her mother.She sees Kya dead body, end of flash back “thoues anmials killed my mother and i heard raped women they captrure i protect you Jin” says Katara.In the secret bunker under the castel are two women one with black hair and ice blue eyes wearing a blue slave bra and skirt , the other is a women.“Whats wrong Kya?” asks a women with black hair and golden eyes she has light skin wearing a red bra and dress whos also barefoot, Kya looks at her and kiss her lips she kiss back. “I been senses my daughter’s chi upthire and horrible things happened to her and her anger Ursa”, Ursa smiles looks at her .Says”yes my son up their its our mothers intuition about our children we need bring them together and my son Harem has a whole he loves all the girls inlculdig you Daughter Katara she loves him”.Both women went to sleep in the bed dreaming of grandchildren from thire son and daughter, over the 22 years since Kya went missing she wanted she her daughter every day and hoped she be found.
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Writing Commissions Open!Decided to refresh my commission info! Here you go: Examples of my work: ( 12, 3 ) I also have this tumblr account specifically for my writings.As you can see, I am capable of doing both short stories and multiple-chapter stories. :) I am very flexible in general.Fandoms I am most familiar with:Dragon AgeMass EffectAssassin's CreedWitcherAmnesiaOkamiDisneyTransformers (specify universe)Historical fictionLOTR/the Hobbit/The SilmarillionGoTHarry PotterPercy JacksonTwilightWarriorsSilent HillSupernaturalATLA/ATLKHetaliaPokemon/DigimonStar TrekStar WarsMLPThe LabyrinthLovecraftian horrorMortal KombatMarvel/DCUSteven UniverseFNAFLeague of LegendsDon't StarveKingdom HeartsSonic the HedgehogFinal Fantasy (VII/VIII/X)Dragon Ball ZBleachFullmetal AlchemistSailor MoonTomb RaiderDnDSkyrimOverwatchResident EvilAlienPredator (franchise)Fire EmblemDoki Doki Literature Club!Yu-Gi-Oh!And if you don’t see a fandom here you can ask me and I will tell you if I know it or not! I didn’t list them all here.Things I will write:Your OCs/Self-insertsLGBT+NSFWOriginal Fiction (as long as enough information is provided)AngstFluffHorror/CreepypastasCrossovers (If I know the series)HeadcanonsTorture/GoreBDSMOmegaverseAUsRape/DubconTentacles/AliensVampires/Werewolves/Monsters etc.Furries/Anthro (both SFW and NSFW)Fetishes (please specify so I can see whether I’m okay with it or not)If I haven’t mentioned anything that you wish to know feel free to ask as well!Things I will NOT write:Pedophilia/UnderageDD/LG (Daddies/Mommies and littles)Vore/CannibalismInflationWatersports/ScatBestialityNecrophiliaEven if I haven't mentioned something, there are still things I may still not like and will not write it.Prices:Short and simple! 1 USD for every 100 words, which I think is pretty fair. I take payments through PayPal. PLEASE NOTE that I have every right to reject a commission, even if it fits my rules.Send me a note if you have an offer! :)...

It’s October, Avatards! Which means we’re doing a vote on what you think were the most creepiest and spookiest Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. Participate in the vote here.

If you don’t already own a copy of The Promise Part 3…you can now! It’s on sale right here, which is airbending-slice awesomeness.

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