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It's Valentine's Day everyone! This special day of the year when lovers have a good time and the lonely people stay lock themselves at home pretending nothing is goin on. Lovley.

Bah, who cares...I don't. Well...maybe a bit. Ah, crap, who am I kidding? I don't suffer from loneliness, I have a friend or two I know I can count on and who are with me no matter what (maybe not all of them in person but I know they wish me for the best).

I just feel neglected, I go out and people give me strage looks. What, never saw a girl dressed in black before?
I pass a few guys on the street and they start picking on me because I listen to a different kind of music. So what, we live in a free country, right??
I step into the bus, get seated and the first elderly person starts to mumble something about "kids these days". I mean, COME ON, there are dozens of free seats, why can't I use them, for crying out loud...

So, yes, it gets more and more easy to make me loose my temper by the day...what gives? I used to be happy.
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