Stardate 11.11.2008

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Days pass by like they never existed in the first place, since I quited my last job I don't have it in me to find another one...I just got lazy. :bored:

I got a few pieces of "art" that await completion and scanning...I'll get to it I swear by my new computer! ;P

With that also comes a story...I had to upgrade my hardwere to run such games as Fallout 3 (which I would adore if I was able to play it on high details...but NO, Bethesda didn't hear about testing their games before release...) and King's Bounty, the sond being my favorite since HoMM III!

And as usual it's time for other news!

The weather is sunny, a bit windy, national flags remind me it's Independence Day today so time to move my lezy butt and get to work!
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..Yeah, and I was about to go and take photos. But I am lazy @_@...

Oh, well.... I will... *mutters and goes to change and grab the camera*