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Tyzula Question NSFW! by vick330
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Bullied High school can be one of the scariest plus most harmful years of your life. Despite some maintaining it to be the 'best' more often than not, it turns out to be your most hurtful. However, no matter what age or situation you are in life? The destructive side of humanity can show up. As the one supposed unforgivable sin of being different?For some reason, it seems that most humanity is looking for any reason to kick the dog. Just tear someone apart to feel better about themselves. But, unfortunately, so many tormentors exist in this world solely to get the satisfaction of bringing others down.Not at all caring what the potential consequences of their bullying can be. Like driving people to suicide in the worst-case scenario? However, people don't take the time to consider how their actions or lack of affect individuals in the long term sense.It was the start of a new school year at Wan High. First-year students were getting accustomed to the building layout. One, in particular, stood out like a sore thumb. The teenager in question had a petite build, angular features, heterochromia eyes, vivid green and pink androgynous attire. Finally, they'd greenish-black hair styled in an undercut, and an enormous gold earring was in their left ear.If the child's appearance wasn't sufficient to make them stick out? There was also the fact said child was deaf and genderfluid. Prime bullying material indeed. The child's name was Zephyr, who most of the time identified as male. However, they had highly feminine days. Mainly if they got physically abused, they constantly woke up female.Zephyr wasn't sure why that occurred as genderfluid can't control their gender. However, it may simply be because girls are supposed to be more expressive than boys. Either way, Zephyr was starting in a brand-new educational institution. They weren't enrolled in a special education institution because that had been closed down over the summer.Due to the establishment shutdown, countless other special needs children had been transferred to Wan High. As a result, the academics over vacation have been given a crash course on how to manage their classes properly moreover attend to their current students' personal needs.Zephyr hoped for the best while he went hunting for his locker. He cursed the fact it was a combination, given he regularly had a tough time with those. Finally, he managed to get his books then headed off to his homeroom.He may've been incapable of hearing the students' malicious remarks regarding his appearance. However, it didn't prevent him from being conscious of the bullying around him. Consequently, after homeroom, he made his way to the art class he'd been looking forward to.Zephyr was a master at origami. Plus a prodigy when it came to painting. Art for him was what music had been for Beethoven. His art professor was a gorgeous lady named Akanke. She smiled friendly at him before pointing to where his seat was.Zephyr's seat was next to unknowingly the teacher's offspring. However, if you had an eye for detail, you'd immediately discern the resemblance between mother and child. Akanke spoke and signed at the same time. Proclaiming they spend the entire year in art striving to find some way to express who they're inside.Looking extremely excited, he commenced writing down the positive affirmations regarding himself. He noticed the boy next to him gave him a warm smile. "Hi, my name's Aang, what's yours?" not understanding Zephyr was deaf. Zephyr suspected the boy hadn't learned sign language, so he wrote, "My name is Zephyr.""Well, great to meet you, Zephyr! Want to have lunch with me?"Zephyr had to pay close attention to read Aang's lips. Finally, he wrote down, "Sounds like fun. I'll meet you outside the cafeteria."After art class concluded, only the thought of lunch helped Zephyr get through the day. People started picking on him from the moment he left art class. His classmates performed various vulgar gestures, tripped him, and yanked on his hair and earring. He knew in his mind precisely what they were saying. Bullying was a universal language, so everyone spoke and understood it.Aang didn't understand any of it when Zephyr joined him for lunch. He didn't comprehend why the other teenagers were picking on the boy. Or why some of them would scream at him then laugh. "Is there something about you I don't know?"Zephyr wrote something down before signing what he wrote. "I'm deaf. They think its hilarious to point out I can't hear them.""So you're deaf? Can you teach me sign language then?""Yes, I can. How come your not bullying me?"Aang scribbled on the paper. "Why would I bully you for simply being deaf? Everyone has a disability of some kind. Therefore why would I bully you?""Well, if they're not messing with me because I'm deaf, I'm being messed with because I'm genderfluid.""Genderfluid?""It means I'm not one gender. I'm fluid, meaning sometimes I'm male and other times I'm female. I am perfectly normal.""So, what are you now?""Today, I'm male. Most of the time, I'm male, but there are days I'm female. Where do you live? I can teach you more sign language after school."Aang immediately wrote down his address. He knew Zephyr was someone extraordinary. Somehow they're just meant to meet. But, over the school year, Zephyr kept getting bullied.Aang and the rest of his friends stood up for Zephyr. Or anyone else, for that matter, being bullied. So no one would have to face any of this torment alone. However, the bullying in school got so bad that the school board had the teachers take a six-week course on how to recognize and handle bullying appropriately. All in all, true friends are those who support you. They accepted you for who you are. So no matter what, when you've friends, things should turn out all right.
Tyzula Halloween 2019 by vick330
Toph ( The Rift ver) Avatar the Last Airbender by Shappi
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Avatar Girls Fanclub icon by Iron-Chef-OR


Toph's pracice by Caro-Oliveira Toph's pracice :iconcaro-oliveira:Caro-Oliveira 175 4 Toph by RaidesArt Toph :iconraidesart:RaidesArt 1,624 30 Azula the fire Lord (colour version) by KsuShusha Azula the fire Lord (colour version) :iconksushusha:KsuShusha 395 30 Ty Lee by AyyaSAP Ty Lee :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 4,635 79 Korra Avatar State by amandachanblers Korra Avatar State :iconamandachanblers:amandachanblers 18 0 Avatar Korra by Nikittysan Avatar Korra :iconnikittysan:Nikittysan 3,691 231 Suki's Practice by Caro-Oliveira Suki's Practice :iconcaro-oliveira:Caro-Oliveira 324 12 Azula Lightsaber by YondaimeMinato4 Azula Lightsaber :iconyondaimeminato4:YondaimeMinato4 117 5 Katara by dandonfuga Katara :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 4,589 38 June Patreon Fanart: Suki by manu-chann June Patreon Fanart: Suki :iconmanu-chann:manu-chann 242 33 Azula by T-A-Oart Azula :icont-a-oart:T-A-Oart 312 6 Katara's morning waterbending flow by Caro-Oliveira Katara's morning waterbending flow :iconcaro-oliveira:Caro-Oliveira 324 3 united we stand by saintfallen united we stand :iconsaintfallen:saintfallen 45 7 Azula by AyyaSAP Azula :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 4,831 79 The Painted Lady by Alartriss The Painted Lady :iconalartriss:Alartriss 216 5 Azula Portrait by Alartriss Azula Portrait :iconalartriss:Alartriss 172 4



Hello all!
90s-80s anime style commissions are open!
I am drawing icon headshots for 20 USD!
More info - SEE HERE!

Aurora (icon) + YouTube (process video) by retroolka
Avantis (icon) + YouTube (process video) by retroolka
Asya (icon) + YouTube (process video) by retroolka
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