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Let it out The road ahead is deserted and deadNot a person to be seenA kingdom of desolationAnd it looks like I'm the queenFor my whole life, I've done exactly as I shouldBut from now on, I'm done trying to be goodOne secluded island endured within the Boiling Sea, Sado Island. A penal colony where the Fire Nation sent those they'd cast out. The deep-sea volcanoes caused the ocean to be pipping hot intermingled with lethal minerals.The Boiling Sea thoroughly did its function in preventing the jailbirds from escaping their little rock. Consequently, so did the forty-foot gruesome sea serpent. It took specialized vessels with remarkably well-trained legionnaires to expatriate felonies to the isle.The configuration of Sado Island echoed the word 'work.' The topography of Sado was more or less divided into three parts. The highest peak of Sado Island being Mount Kinpoku.The coastline on the north side stood perpendicular with a sizable bay—part of the island comprising moderately flatter terrain. Furthermore, an abundance of tea trees. Plus a sizable freshwater lake. On the summit yielded a ring of stones akin to the location in the Spirit World. However, none of these gemstone obelisks had any connection whatsoever to the four elements.The one facing north was pure opal. Opal is an emotional stone. It echoes the mood of the wearer. Thus, it intensifies emotions while simultaneously loosening inhibitions. Promotes both freedoms, moreover, independence. What's more, it enhances cosmic consciousness. Rumor had it that it brought forth supernatural visions.To the east, an obelisk of Crocidolite. It held attributes to magnify foreknowledge. It is a gemstone that makes you sense the flow of success immediately. However, crocidolite also grants you the capacity to perceive "traps" and "lies." For example, crocidolite, aka blue asbestos, is considered by several to be the world's most dangerous mineral.Facing the south, an obelisk of black diamonds symbolizing inner strength and justice. They're exceptional for a woman who aspires to stand apart and stand strong in her conviction.Finally, to the west were black pearls. Black pearls are stated to bring abundance, luck, and prosperity into your life. On the flip side? They're employed for something entirely different. Women secretly used them went they entered menopause. Given the fact, they're supposed to assist in controlling mood swings brought on by hormone imbalances.Exactly like the Spirit World's circle, this one also possessed carpeting of blossoms within it. A carpet of chrysanthemum, red spider lilies, Dracula monkey orchid, and Papaver poppy. Once again, the exiled Prince Ozai's sister-in-law, Fire Lady Kimana, could undoubtedly describe to you everything to do with these wildflowers.Of course, Ozai never liked his sister-in-law. Nor did he care one bit regarding nature. Ozai hadn't a need for anything of the natural world. He undividedly cared regarding the capability to govern over humanity.The thirteen years on this despicable island hadn't been kind to the former Fire Nation Prince. Ozai's lengthy dusky locks regularly resembled a rat's nest. Likewise, he'd gone prematurely gray-haired. A direct result of the unrelenting reality he'd endured for the last thirteen years. Ex-Prince Ozai no longer possessed a six-pack. Nor did he look equally distinguished. Then again, every one sentence to exile took such a beating from the island. Predictably it'd be a grievous outcome on their bodies.All varieties of prisoners had been exiled here, perpetrators of the most loathsome kind. Renegades, insurrectionists, junkies, serial killers/rapists. You name it, there at least one individual on this island who'd perpetrate that offense.Of course, when Ozai been delivered to the geographical region thirteen years ago? He'd received the most unfavorable welcome in the history of Sado Island! After all, its not every day that one of the Fire Lord's sons ends up in a penal colony!Even among the most depraved of monstrosities, Ozai advanced rapidly up the food chain. Ultimately becoming the alpha of the pack. Everyone endlessly debated if Ozai was the solution they're looking for. That he'd somehow liberate them so they could revenge themselves upon the world.They said 'be nice,' they said 'be kind' 'Wear a mask and never speak your mind.''Just wear a mask, pretend you care.'Well, I don't careOzai breathed deeply, striving to meditate. However, ringing in his ears were his father and Iroh's nagging voices. Continually informing him, he was doing it mistakenly how they ventured to be 'kind' and show him the proper way to do it. The memory alone of that made Ozai snort flames. Furiously snarling at his boyhood memories. How Iroh been the favored one. How the entire palace perpetually described him as a black koala-lamb. Another memory started boiling inside his psyche, forcing him to relive it."Six-year-old Prince Ozai gazed at the distant horizon with thinly disguised revulsion and disappointment. They'd been traveling for the past week to reach his mother's birthplace.A fortnight ago, she'd received a letter from her parents. His grandparents requested their family to join them for the yearly cherry blossom picnic—an utterly ridiculous celebration on their mother's island."You're going to love it," Ilah informed her sons, helping them prepare for this absurd adventure. Ozai only packed because his nursemaid forced him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have packed at all."When the cherry blossom bloom?" his mother sighed with ecstasy. "Oh, its like heaven on Earth. I cherished that time of year the most! Without a doubt, one of the most joyous days of the whole year!""Please share with us more, my hidden treasure. Share us with the miracles of this magnificent festival," her partner encouraged as they shared a quick kiss."Oh, Azulon, my love. This holiday remains the one day of the year everyone takes time off from their hectic workdays. Families and friends gather to appreciate one another's company. To bond over good food and the beauty of nature. A day to count your blessings. A day for peace. It honestly rejuvenates your soul. That's indisputable.""After the burdens of running the country, a day off with my family would be an exemplary way to spend my time.""I'm looking forward to meeting our grandparents for the first time in person. I've regularly questioned what they're like. I've likewise desired to see where you grew up, Mother," Iroh spoke breathlessly.You'd distinctly perceive the crown prince was dying to show off his tea-making techniques for his grandparents. Plus playing Pai Sho with his granddaddy. Ilah mentioned her father excelled in the game. However, it was her mother who'd the natural ability for tea making."I'm looking forward to going homeward as well, Iroh. I've not seen my parents for over a decade. I've been too engrossed in fulfilling my obligations as Fire Lady. And of course, with you and your brother. But, yet, finally, we'll all be together!"Ozai slightly snarled at his mother's comment. Which in turn, caused his father to snap, "Prince Ozai, show your mother the respect she merits! I won't have you throwing a tantrum or dishonoring your grandparents when we arrive."Now they've approached his mother's home settlement. The princes knew their grandfather was the regional lord that ran the most extensive, thriving spice plantation in their entire nation.However, while Iroh remained proud of his mother's modest origins, Ozai loathed it. He didn't even desire to think regarding his mother being born in the backwaters of their country. Therefore, he turned up his nose at all the island had to contribute. The magnificent countryside, the smiling villagers, and the warm cozy feeling the settlement gave off.The rest of his family took great satisfaction being at the magnificent estate. However, Ozai remained bored out of his skull, longing to practice his firebending. However, his mother stated that for the duration of the celebration, firebending stayed strictly prohibited. In addition, no brutality of any kind was permissible throughout the festival.That left Ozai feeling extremely crabby. He found himself roving the corridors venturing to discover something entertaining. "Agni! There got to be SOMETHING to do in this hellhole for fun!" as he hurled a fire blast towards an antique vase.That particular Celadon inlay pottery treasure stood out for various reasons. Most notably, the intricacy of the design itself. Painstakingly inlaid with jet-black and snow-white rings cradling cranes in graceful flight.A sincerely priceless work of art. And yet Ozai's fire blast fragmented it into ash. The sound of the vase going kaboom echoed loudly from end-to-end of the property. Earsplitting enough that footsteps thundered towards him. His parents and grandparents arrived first. His grandmother let out a cry of anguish seeing the priceless vase demolished. Ilah immediately sought to soothe her mother, but she radiated daggers at her son."OZAI!" she bellowed while her male offspring looked indifferent."What?" he spat snotty. Leaving his mother thunderstruck given his absence of either respect or remorse. Clutching her fists tightly, she started tongue-lashing him."Ozai! How could you? How could you obliterate an heirloom such as the Thousand Crane Vase? Something that been in our household for centuries?! Are you even going to apologize to your grandmother for destroying a family treasure?""It's a stupid vase—there dozens of other pots in the world. So get over it already. One cracked vase isn't the end of the world." he spat disrespectfully.Everyone stood in shock at the young prince's words. They're beyond appalled by Ozai's audacious behavior and tone. Ilah all but whipped her son. However, her better half touched her shoulder to calm her down.He then punished his son by forcing him to work on his granddaddy's estate for the remainder of their vacation. Conceivably to recognize the sheer amount of hard work that it took to produce a masterpiece."Let it out, let it out.I won't hold it back anymore.Let it out, let it out.Shut them out and lock the doorI won't care if I cause distressThey will all bow downLet the world know the depth of my wickednessA threatening voice murmured into the Ex-Prince's ear. "Well, well, relishing your stroll down memory lane?" before letting out a harsh cackle. Ozai growled like a beast before snarling. "Anto, do you get some type of enjoyment from torturing me with visions of my appalling youth?" he demanded to the Black Spirit of Death. Ozai was addressing Anto inside his mindscape because spirits couldn't step foot on this island. Anto gave him a cocky smirk before answering."Temper, temper, Ozai. You know, if you're not undergoing sufficient rage, I can't cross into your mindscape. Which you are perfectly conscious of is the exclusive method we can speak.""You have five seconds to give me your report, or I'll firebend your ass off!"The demon only chortled again, wagging a skeleton-like finger at the former royalty. "Again, we're only in your mindscape. Therefore, you cannot harm me while we're here."Ozai's expression suddenly put terror into Death. Even Anto's marrow was chilled when Ozai spoke. "Oh, but Anto, if you recall your daughter's life in my hands. If I told Zhao to sacrifice your precious descendant, he do it without so much as a second thought.""Don't you dare touch Wyanet! If you do, I kill your daughter."Ozai smirked, "No, you wouldn't, Anto. You'd no more sacrifice Azula as I would actually execute Wyanet. After all, they're soul sisters, and we require both of them to accomplish our intentions.You require Azula's help to obtain the Shards. Furthermore, Anto, you require my help to guarantee your daughter's survival. After all, you did rape her mother, which caused her to become a serial killer.Which result in her giving birth in exile. What's more, if it weren't for myself and Zhao, your daughter would've died as an infant. So consequently, we've raised each other's daughters. Plus, they're soul sisters. Therefore neither of our female offspring is going to die. So now that we've cleared that up, please give me your report."I feel my power growing with every step I takeIt's as if my sleeping spirit is finally awakeLet the whole world drawback in fearMy coronation day is hereThey'll be no mercy now from me. I'm free!Cursing in the old tongue, Anto delivered his report. "Azula and I've succeeded in assembling an elite team of like-minded individuals from each country. With their assorted abilities, plus the fiery rage in all their hearts?We shouldn't have a problem locating the Shards. Then taking them from their keepers! Moreover, eliminating the spirits that safeguard them! Honestly, I'm looking forward to all the murderous carnage that will befall upon this world once we all get what we most desire.""Yes, you crave your daughter's freedom—furthermore, a way to make Alanna yours again. But, to do that, you need strength tenfold from the transgressions of humanity.I desire the power to rule humanity. Consequently, if I've got the Shards and the Avatar, my slave? Well, we both cause the most murderous bloodbath in history. After that, everyone will bow down to me. Furthermore, the remainder of your minions will keep the other nations in line. While still serving me faithfully. Soon the Phoenix King shall rise!""Yes, you shall. Well, I've got to get back and make certain those hooligans lingering at my palace aren't remolding the house. Until we can speak in this mindscape again!"Let it out, let it out.Let them beg and let them pleadLet it out, let it outTheir complaining I won't heedI'm your queenYou will obeyThey will all bow downSmirking, Ozai got up then started heading to the settlement on this prison island. Again it wasn't because he was a monarch. He got the most desirable 'residence.' It was due to the fact he'd fought through hell, shedding blood, sweat, and tears to rise above the others. He saw his 'friend' Zhao practicing his firebending. Both men were in agreement that Jeong-Jeong was a fool for refusing to call Zhao a master. Unquestionably, he was a master firebender.Ozai remained the only one on the island to know precisely what stoked Zhao's firebending. He'd arrived a few short years after Ozai. But, unfortunately, to the rest of the Fire Nation, Zhao has been thoroughly dishonored by the Fire Lord himself. On the face of it? Zhao received exile for neglecting to honor his wife and child, evidently abusing and disregarding them. Which ended in a scandalous divorce and him ordered to come here.Zhao couldn't believe he'd been ostracized here for something as insignificant as that. It's not like that stupid woman, or little brat was that significant. Either way, he kept practicing for the day they'd get off this island. Then he could get his revenge."Good morning, Zhao. You seem to be getting better." Zhao looked up and formally greeted his prince. "Prince Ozai, I'm honored by your words. What news do you bring?"Ozai's intense gold-colored eyes narrowed, "Anto stated that Azula and some 'friends' are on their way to collect the Shards. So consequently, it shouldn't be too much longer before we get out of this hellhole.""Well, that's at least satisfying news. More beneficial then what I've to report anyway.""What do you have to report?""Wyanet is the most qualified warrior on this island. Not unexpected given who her father is.""But?""She killed yet another prisoner. Hence she's got even more tattoos," referring to the teenager's peculiar quirk. Every time she butchered someone, she used their blood to tattoo their name onto her body. So no one ever forgot who slaughtered the failures.Ozai smiled arrogantly at the news." What is so wrong with her proving herself? We've scarcely enough here at any rate—survival of the fittest. People either fall in line, or they can expire. It's simple as that.""Well, you better come to break up another fight, or we'll lose two people today."Ozai headed out to a small arena where a thirteen-year-old girl with bone-white skin and untamed pitch-black hair was sparring with a newbie. Her adversary a giant in his 30s. Yet, the petite young lady proceeded to beat the tar out of him with both her fists and a generous amount of various weaponry. Then, holding her sais, she lunges to annihilate the gentleman when Ozai interrupted the fight."Prince Ozai!" she looked surprised before yielding to him. The former royalty loved how the Daughter of Death showed him more respect then anyone from his blood family."My dear, Wyanet, you've proven yourself again and again. However, if you keep exterminating everyone, we won't have any people left to get vengeance on the outside world."Yes, I'm sorry, Uncle Ozai. It won't happen again. I promise. I'll go back to my studies now," as she shuffled back toward the dwelling she shared with her 'uncles."My power grows within me, feeding on my hate.Save your excuses and apologies 'cause it's too lateTo try to change my mind or force me to give inI have begun a war that I intend to winOzai barked some more orders out, causing the crowd to disperse. After they'd left, he and Zhao commenced sparring with each other. Even though it remained evident, Ozai was the more powerful one of the two. Then, as the blood-red sunset, the two men headed back to their 'home." Wyanet was currently practicing calligraphy. Though she also presented them with dinner and tea."I hope my efforts at tea are better then last week. Regrettably, I couldn't fix devil fish. Except that octopus is still eluding me. But, I swear one day I shall kill it, and we'll have a feast!""In good time, Wyanet. In good time. Now let's enjoy what we've for dinner. And then I shall tell you what your father and sister have been up to." "Yes, Uncle Ozai." with that, the three demons ate their dinner without complaint. Dreaming of the day when we free them.Let it out, let it out.Let my rage engulf the world.Let it out, let it out. I won't be your perfect girlHere I stand, cold and mercilessThey will all bow down!Let the world know the depth of my wickedness
Original Characters
Kenai and Katara by Kelseyalicia
Earthbending (WIP) by JustOneLuke
Miscellaneous Other
Omashu by TeagBrohman15
sea and sky by syntonic-s



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Hello everyone and Happy New Year I just wanted to update everyone that to make things easier and faster there has been a change to submissions for Couples Pieces. We now have a new folder titled Couple 3. From now on all submissions for couples pieces should be submitted there. Thanks for all the patience with the past problems we have had. Lets all hope for a great new year and can't wait to see everyone's submissions.
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Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar was the master of all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless Fire Nation from conquering the world. But when the world needed him most, he disappeared. Until now... On the South Pole, a lone Water Tribe village struggles to survive. It's here that a young Waterbender named Katara and her warrior brother Sokka rescue a strange boy named Aang from a cavernous iceberg. Not only is Aang an Airbender--a race of people no one has seen in a century--but they soon discover that Aang is also the long lost Avatar. Now it's up to Katara and Sokka to make sure Aang faces his destiny to save the tribe--and himself. Did we mention he's only 12?

:pointr::pointr: Legend Of Korra :pointl::pointl:
Republic City is everything that Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko fought for when they ended the Hundred Year War. With balance restored to the four nations, benders and non-benders can live together in peace, in this thriving metropolitan area. But even the steampunk paradise of Republic City has its problems, as the next Avatar discovers. When Avatar Korra arrives in Republic City to master her airbending, she comes face to face with criminal bending gangs as well as members of a vocal anti-bending revolution. Before long, Korra's Avatar skills are put to the test when she encounters a group of Chi-blockers led by the charismatic and mysterious Amon, who threatens the city and all the benders in it. Despite the immense danger, Korra vows to fight the growing anti-bending revolution. But will she be able to stop Amon before he rises to power and makes his vision of a bending-free world a reality?


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