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Mai  (Catai). Avatar: The Last Airbender art by Vaishravana
Toph Beifong (Cat Beifong). Avatar art by Vaishravana
Sokka (Sokcat). Avatar: The Last Airbender art by Vaishravana
Katara (Catara). Avatar: The Last Airbender art by Vaishravana
The Gaang
Sokka by gianjos
Katara by Mizu--Kitsune
Suki by Mizu--Kitsune
Toph Beifong by Mizu--Kitsune
Water Tribe
Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Kya by ag121798
Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Ming-Hua by ag121798
Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Korra (Equality) by ag121798
Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Tonraq by ag121798
Earth Kingdom
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Adult Toph by ag121798
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Adult Suki by ag121798
Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Bolin by ag121798
Suki by gianjos
Fire Nation
Pintar (Avatar) - Biography (RP) by MysteryArt901

Mature Content

Ty Lee By Darkatio by MysteryArt901
Avatar: Tom-Tom's Big Sister by MysteryArt901
Zuko by gianjos
Air Nomads
Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Ikki by ag121798
Full Body Aang Goth AU and (E)Momo by Caro-Oliveira
The Avatar fulfilled by Skyfirewolf
Bring balance upon yourself and to the world by Vangr2
Urzai - Phoenix Queen by Maripolifan

Mature Content

Prisoner fun by VertigoR
Urzai - Ember Island by Maripolifan

Mature Content

GB Zutara: victory by VertigoR
Princess Yue - ATLA by verucadoll
Yue by BeautCannon
Wan Shi Tong by DezsoArt
Search the Moon by KY-OutlawSwordsman
Appa by Skyfirewolf
Adorable - Pabu by Caro-Oliveira
Appa by sillybeings
Appa by Bluuerosse
Legend of Korra
Republic City by TeagBrohman15
Movie art
Avatar: Last Airbender (Movie Remake) by Tony-Antwonio
ATLA Comic - Lessons 2021 by thalle-my-honey
Cosplay 'All Nations'
Zuko - Avatar The Last Airbender by Lykusio
Earthbending by Mizu--Kitsune
Loren by VioletRose13-Art
Tales from the Amber Dragon--AffectionAffection(an Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic by FeatherQuilt88)Characters: Iroh and Chiko (fancharacter)Rating: GNote: For readers new to my "Amber Dragon" fanfic series--in it, Iroh runs a new teashop, the Amber Dragon, in the Fire Nation capital, and has adopted my fancharacter, Chiko, a little girl from a former Fire colony. Ursa lives on Ember Island, and Iroh, Chiko, and Zuko (who has some kids of his own now) visit her frequently.~~~Ursa, Iroh had to admit, was as skilled at buying presents as he was. She spoiled both Chiko and the grandbabies rotten! Today, the former was playing with the beautiful set of theater masks “Auntie Ursa” had given her, during their last visit to Ember Island.Fwip, fwip, fwip. Chiko’s little silk slippers shuffle along the floor, as she holds the white mask tight against her face. Zuko’s favorite of the rainbow spirits was the Blue Spirit, as a child. But Chiko’s is the White—the one said to have the power of invisibility. Iroh stares at her, from his comfortable armchair in the sitting-room.Chiko clucks at him admonishingly. “You can’t seeeeeeeee me!” she reminds her adoptive father, in a giggly little singsong voice.“Oh! That’s right,” Iroh agrees, placing his big broad hand over his eyes. His own singsong reply is exponentially deeper and rougher, but just as chucklesome. “I can’t seeeeeeeeeeee you!”Fwip, fwip, fwip. The little princess inches closer to the old prince, and he continues to play her game. “Oh! Wherever can my little Chiko be?” he lifts one of his chair-cushions. “Not here….” He looks under the table, nearly gasping. “Not here either!”Chiko is positively giggling up a storm, now, behind her mask. Though she is still young, her guardian’s affectionate indulgence isn’t lost on her, and it warms her heart.As he rises back up from under the tea-table (wincing at his old bones’ protest and rubbing his back, slightly), Iroh catches sight of the little plate of cookies atop it. His smile broadens impishly in one corner, raising one of his beard-tufts.“Hmm!” he announces, a bit more loudly for emphasis, looking back and forth over the room. “Well, I may not be able to see Chiko…” he plops back down in the chair with a mighty fwumph, reaching for the plate with glee. “But I can see her cookies! I am sure, what with her being invisible right now, she won’t mind me taking them.”“What?! No!” Chiko laughs, protesting, but still ultimately delighted at their game. She scrambles up against Iroh’s chubby legs.He lifts the plate up higher in the air, out of reach of her questing little hands. “Nope! Nope! I can’t see you!” It is he who is chuckling up a storm, now. “My my, I wonder where Chiko is?” he dips one of the lemony cookies in his ginger tea (still somehow held steady, despite Chiko’s flailing) and begins to munch.The White Spirit mask has gotten knocked aside, now, and Chiko is a little mess of red silks and brown hair in Iroh’s lap, grinning and batting up at him.The old Firebender finally affects a full gasp. “THERE she is!!” He hands her the plate, amber eyes twinkling kindly. The little girl giggles affectionately up at him in return.They eat the cookies in companionable silence, Iroh drawing his daughter gently close with one arm. They both always enjoy a good rest after their play. Nevertheless, Chiko’s elder guardian can’t resist sneaking in a tickle, after he’s sure she’s done eating. He runs two fingers under her chin, then skitters them, grinning in satisfaction as she bursts into more happy giggles. Iroh starts humming, then softly singing, a song he made up for her.“Baby dragon dumpling, who’s my baby dragon dumpling?The little one right there, with the chubby, rosy cheeks!Baby dragon dumpling, who’s my baby dragon dumpling?The one who makes me smile, for weeks and weeks!”Chiko’s giggles are nearly unprecedented now. “Then you’re the big dragon dumplin’!” she declares, quite logically, climbing up her father’s chest and planting a kiss on his pug nose.Iroh beams, quite content at this new title. It’s his turn to giggle, then, as Chiko burrows into his soft, warm belly. Her small fingers and knees tickle slightly, as they sink into his fluff. He wraps himself around her, rubbing her back soothingly. The two of them savor all the comfort, nearly motionless. They could stay like this for hours. Maybe they will.
Wallpapers, Stamps, Icons,...
Zuko and Trellis: The same by Skyfirewolf
Dolls, Jewelery, Clothes
I AM MELON LORD! by ThePrincessRobotRoom


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Sokka Is STILL The Avatard by Mrcappy Sokka Is STILL The Avatard :iconmrcappy:Mrcappy 655 82 Katara and the Moon II by Lauren-Paikin
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Today is the birthday of Zuko himself, Dante Basco. No other avatar character on deviantart has 6 seperate fan clubs, wow, that's a lot of fanboys and fan girls(whew). Dante Basco's dedication to the Avatar fanbase and his fans sets him apart from other actors and makes him one of the most likable and admirable actors in the industry. It's Dante Basco that brought Zuko to life, after all, Bryke did say when they were casting Zuko, they wanted an actor who could convey a lot of emotion without speaking a lot. An Avatar without Zuko would be a boring show indeed, and a Zuko without Dante would be a forgettable Zuko. Here's wishing everyone's favorite sifu hetman the very best on his day.

Hello, I'm :iconfirenationphoenix: and of course I'm the newest manager over here. I've only just been recently getting more active within the fanbase and I've been managing some pretty awesome groups. I will be posting weekly newsletters and updates so be aware. have fun
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