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So I've chosen to find my own spiritual path. I'm no longer calling myself a Christian because it's been years since I've done ANY thing remotely Christian. Now don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with being Christian but I've found at this point in my life it's just not for me. This may change later who knows but for now I'm into Buddhism and spirituality in general. I'm hoping this will help me to find my inner "self" so to speak. I regret that I didn't find this out sooner maybe I wouldn't be so bored with my life now. It's funny I never really thought about being spiritual instead of religious much. Like most Christians it sounded like a bunch of poppycock to me and I figured that being a Christian was enough and that at some point I'd feel better about my life. Now I know better and  that I must find my OWN path. Sounds like common sense right. But for some reason it's taken me ages to find this fact. Where this will lead me I don't know but I'm going along for the ride and hope it will take me somewhere amazing.
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