Avanna's Artwork Release + Artist Revealed

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Hello everyone. We have another big announcement. After a suspenseful wait, Zero-G has announced that Avanna's official artwork will be released this Thursday, November the 8th. The company ran into a few snags with the final design, but luckily they were taken care of with no problems, and the boxart itself will be complete in the next few days.

The artist for Avanna has also been revealed. The Vocaloid producer Aki Glancy, also known as EmpathP (yes I realize I'm the one writing this, just go with it, pretend I'm not here, lol) was commissioned back at the beginning of August by Zero-G to create Avanna's official artwork after sending in a Resume 6 months prior.

The design has gone through several changes since it's initial rough draft. At the end of October, Aki was asked to make one final revision of the artwork based upon requests from Yamaha. However, the artwork is at last completed and Aki will be posting it to her own deviantart account, as well as her pixiv once Zero-G reveals the boxart on Thursday.

We want to thank you all for your patience and your enthusiasm towards Avanna, and we hope you will all love her image once it is revealed.

And another reminder of Avanna initial test demo reveal at Nekocon 15. We will be posting a link to the footage as soon as it is edited.
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Congratulations Aki o/