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I pretty much finished all current commissions, so it's time to get ready for the next round :la:. The opening date will be 18 August at 6 P.M. CEST. Here is a converter so you can see what time that is for you:

It's all the same as usual: 5 slots, 2 plushies per person max. Instead of first come, first serve, you'll have an hour to claim a spot and after that I will either accept them (if it's 5 or less) or choose the projects that appeal to me most (if there's more than 5 people). When the hour is over the remaining slots (if any) will be filled on first come, first serve basis. This should be less stressful for everyone :D

Please make sure you get a quote (via note) before claiming a spot! Preferably before the opening day!
I am working on a price chart, but since it's not done yet here's a quick break down of the costs so you will know what to expect:
:bulletred: Plushies are priced based on size and complexity (roughly €7 per cm, nose to bum). Always tell me what size you want for your plush, please.
:bulletred: Price quotes are without accessories. Please let me know if you want accessories so I can calculate the extra cost.
:bulletred: Shipping is additional and always includes tracking.
    - Within The Netherlands it's €7
    - Within Europe it's €15
    - To all other countries it's €24
:bulletred: I can work with either faux fur, minky, or both. For characters with unnatural colours I can usually only work with minky. Please discuss this with me if your character has unnatural fur colours.
:bulletred: I work with both glass eyes and safety eyes, and can either embroider noses or use plastic ones. Which I can use for your plush depends on the colours needed (but in most cases you can choose!)
:bulletred: Payment goes through Paypal invoices and is in Euros. I require at least half up front to confirm your commission.

You can always send me a note if you have any questions, but please make sure you've read this first :aww:

I'm looking forward to see which cool characters I'll be turning into plush next :D
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