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There's still some slots left! This is the best time to order if you want a plush to be guaranteed delivered in time for the Holiday season! :la:

It's time :D From now till 7 PM CEST (an hour from now) you can send a note to claim a slot for a plush commission!

It's all the same as usual: 5 slots, 2 plushies per person max. Instead of first come, first serve, you'll have an hour to claim a spot and after that I will either accept them (if it's 5 or less) or choose the projects that appeal to me most (if there's more than 5 people). When the hour is over the remaining slots (if any) will be filled on first come, first serve basis. This should be less stressful for everyone :D (Big Grin)

Please make sure you get a quote (via note) before claiming a spot! Preferably before the opening day!
I am working on a price chart, but since it's not done yet here's a quick break down of the costs so you will know what to expect:
Bullet; Red Plushies are priced based on size and complexity (roughly €7 per cm, nose to bum). Always tell me what size you want for your plush, please.
Bullet; Red Price quotes are without accessories. Please let me know if you want accessories so I can calculate the extra cost.
Bullet; Red Shipping is additional and always includes tracking.
  - Within The Netherlands it's €7
  - Within Europe it's €15
  - To all other countries it's €24
Bullet; Red I can work with either faux fur, minky, or both. For characters with unnatural colours I can usually only work with minky. Please discuss this with me if your character has unnatural fur colours.
Bullet; Red I work with both glass eyes and safety eyes, and can either embroider noses or use plastic ones. Which I can use for your plush depends on the colours needed (but in most cases you can choose!)
Bullet; Red Payment goes through Paypal invoices and is in Euros. I require at least half up front to confirm your commission.

You can always send me a note if you have any questions, but please make sure you've read this first Aww

I'm looking forward to see which cool characters I'll be turning into plush next!

1. PLUSHIETEETH 30 cm fully faux fur plush of canine OC Plushref by PLUSHIETEETH
2. @NomadicNova 35 cm faux fur and minky plush of wolf OC  Adamar Wolf Form No Scars by NomadicNova Confirmed
3. @
CorruptCorgi 23 cm faux fur and minky floppy plush of pet dog Confirmed
4. @
xXStormLilyXx 16 cm standing minky plush of wolf OC Storm Lily 2017 Reference by xXStormLilyXx Fearsom Pup by xXStormLilyXx

(I don't know why the username tags keep breaking D: )
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Rookie141 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi, i really like your plushies :) i saw your most recent commission prices with the ~7€ per cm (i first had seen the commission prices from 2013 and was already happy haha)
i am considering commissioning you if the empty slot shown here is really still empty ouo
(unless you really only take commissions during that one hour TnT)
Avanii Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017   General Artist
Hi! I'm glad to hear it :D Ohh haha yeah that 2013 sheet is way outdated, but the ~€7 per cm is accurate. I should have updated this journal maybe, as that slot was claimed shortly after I wrote a new journal. But you can always ask me for a quote via notes so you can try for a slot next time c: And don't worry, if by the end of the hour after opening a slot gets left open, it stays available until someone claims it. It's not just that one hour c:
Rookie141 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah i see.
for now i have given the commission to someone else ^^;
maybe another time. but know that your plushies are very pretty!
CorruptCorgi Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2017
Quick question, if we have a budget we need to stick at (about $200 USD, including shipping) could that be broken up into half up front and half in two weeks? :o 
Avanii Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017   General Artist
Yes! I require 50% up front. The second part can be paid when the commission is finished, or when you have the money ready c:
CorruptCorgi Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017
I shall note you then ^-^
MaKeem Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nevermind.. Samael-arts wants a slot and she'll try to send a note till 23p.m
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