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Plushie ommissions are CLOSED now as all slots have filled up. Thank you very much :D You can still ask for quotes of course, but I cannot accept more commissions. Next opening will be somewhere in Summer, possibly June, but I cannot promise that.

Edit: Now accepting 5 commission slots! :D First come, first served. Maximum of 2 plushies per slot per person. You can claim multiple slots if you want more than 2 plushies. Please note me to claim a slot. I expect at least part of the payment this week to confirm your slot (the sooner, the better). Good luck! :D

xPikamaster Faux fur Dragon OC. 35 cm. Confirmed and paid!
2. onlyhalfpigeon Minky plushies, 25 cm, of Sammy the dog and Glitch the fantasy critter. Confirmed and half paid!
3. thesadcarrot Minky Beanie of Imo the collie/raptor mix Imo Confirmed and paid!
4. ranalligator Faux fur 25 cm plushies of Pixel the angel cat (wings made of minky)… and Lou the white lion (bandaid of minky included)… Confirmed and paid!
5. PoonieFox Faux fur 35 cm plushie of Diffy the dog. Confirmed and half paid!

There will be 5 slots, like before. Each person can order up to 2 plushies per slot. If you want more, you will have to claim another slot. It will be first come, first served. Claiming can only be done through notes. It would be best of you have a quote beforehand, so you can forward our conversation and claim your slot smoothly. Plushie prices are roughly €5 per cm, so you can get an idea of what yours may cost.

When sending a note for a plush price quote please include:
- Character or animal references. I need to be able to see what they look like from various angles if the design is complicated.
- What size you want, measured nose to bum (this is very important!!)
- Desired pose (you can link to earlier plush for example)
- Preference for materials (minky, faux fur, mohair, combinations)
- Preference for eye and nose type (glass or safety eyes, embroidered or black plastic nose)
- Your country (to give shipping price)

Typically, price quotes are for a plush without any accessories. Please tell me if you want me to make a clothing article, necklace or whatever, as this will cost extra. I cannot do every kind of accessories, like metallic piercings, but these things can be discussed.

I need this information. So please fill out this form when sending a note. It saves us both a lot of time. c: And please remember, I have hardly any unnatural faux furs, so characters with (many of) these colours will either have to be made in minky or declined. I'm sorry, but my stocks are super full and I have not found any really good faux fur with such colours, nor do I really want to buy many of these. I do actually have a mid green and baby pink (long) and deep purple (medium), but nothing else.

Current commission list (these have priority over the new ones):
1. 11 cm Beanie lynx Mars for coonuki DONE, 25 cm Wolfclaw and Maxe sewing in process. Fully paid.
2. 30 cm floppy Xana dog for Xana-Akai Sewing in process. Half paid. (second plush not started yet)
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Hello! I was just looking through your gallery of plushies and was very impressed with your work! Will your plush commissions be open again sometime soon?