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AAahhhh I only just found out that the timer I set up for the plush commissions opening is 2 hours behind on the actual time D: Shit! I don't understand how it happened, but crap, now things don't line up any more. Okay, I'm going to do things a little differently then. I will still open commissions at 4 PM CEST (which is 30 minutes from now) but I won't confirm slots until after the timer runs out and the rest comes in, two hours later. What happens next depends on how many people try to claim a slot. For 5 or fewer claims it will be as usual, all get a slot. If there are more than 5, I will select the projects that interest me most/I have all materials for and everyone else for whom I don't have a slot can get a spot on a waiting list (if you want). Does this sound all right? I feel really bad about catching this mistake so late ^^; I'm really sorry!
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sparkskull789 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
This sounds ok with me :) i hope I get chosen for a slot! I have my note all ready to send in a few
Avanii Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017   General Artist
I'm glad! It's so strange, I set the correct location but the timer apparently did not calculate my time zone and messed it up... Well this way hopefully people will feel less time pressure xD No first come, first serve this time around, but I will start choosing soon after the timer runs out (I'm too eager for this haha)
sparkskull789 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
That is strange but all is well! :) i've sent my note!
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