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Name: Lantern-bearing Spiral Squid
Species: Allospiroteuthis lanteralis
Notes: This siphonoteuthid is named for the bladder-like luminescent suckers on its tentacles. As with other spiral squids, it is a slow swimmer that relies more on its elongated, spiral fins than its siphon.

Name: Lightball Pom-pom Squid
Species: Adhazu barbata
Note: Pom-pom squid are poor swimmers, swimming by a combination of waving its "pom-poms" (modified fins modified into multi-compartmented sacs of ammonia) and rhythmic, deliberate thrashing of its tentacles. When threatened, the pom-poms detach and burst, releasing ammonia into the water, while it jets away with its anterior siphon. They feed by capturing zooplankters that adhere to its sticky tentacles. Adhazu pom-pom squids have their first pair of tentacles modified into light organs which help to lure prey within reach.
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Another great piece from one of the most prolific Deviant Artists' core.  You provide art work for so many little known prehistoric animals, that most artists do not trouble themselves with.  Have you put together any imaginary or speculative species or genus.
If not, an artist with your capabilities could produce some amazing designs...That my unimportant opinion anyway.