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Lanarkia horrida

Lanarkia horrida was a small, scaly jawless fish of the Class Thelodonta, from the Silurian of Europe. Its specific name, horrida refers to the spiny appearance its pointed scales make.
Some trilobites are featured, too, from left to right:
Deiphon fleur, D. pisum, D. sphaericum
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Deiphon had quite diverse species

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Yes, yes they did

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ah, there are among the pelagic trilobites!!
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We're not actually sure if they were pelagic, actually, as the ribs of Deiphon aren't hydrodynamically sound.
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I am, I think I have remarked,
terrifically old
(the second Ice-age was a farce,
the first was rather cold).

A friend of mine, a Trilobite,
had gathered in his youth,
when Trilobites were Trilobites,
this all-important truth.

We aged ones play solemn parts --
sire -- guardian -- uncle -- king.
Affection is the salt of life,
kindness a noble thing.

The old alone may comprehend
a sense in my decree;
but -- if you find a fish on land,
oh throw it in the sea.

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Yah, that's the one where he's realy popular, singing around the world at any concert hall that can accomidate him, (the calamary bills must have been something) untill some idiot get the idea that he can sing only because he swallowed a human opra singer, and harpoons him, turning a damn fine and funny cartoon into one of the first animated featiers that ever made me cry, (I was about seven). Disney was in good form as usual. Great intro to opera for kids.
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You ever see that Disney cartoon about a whale that sang Pagliacci?
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cool. You gonna do any more birds or winged animals?
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