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Haikouella y Zhongjianichthys



To the left is Haikouella lanceolata, a common chordate, or possibly hemichordate, found in the Chengjiang lagerstatten, it is very similar in form to Yunnanozoon. It has a large muscular hump that supports a long dorsal fin.

To the right is Zhongjianichthys rostratus, an eel-like relative of Myokunmingia that lived on the seafloor. Its reduced fins suggest that it did not swim frequently, if at all.

Beneath the pair are various choiid demosponges, including Allantospongia mica, an elongated species, Choiaella radiata,, a diminutive species that has no spines radiating beyond the edge of its body and Choia xiaolantianensis, a typical choiid, with a disk-like body and long spines radiating from the edge of its body.
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Cool, although it's quite hard to find a picture of a fossilized imprint of an Zhongjianichthys rostratus, the only picture of a fossilized imprint of an Zhongjianichthys I found was right on this site:…

Which only shows the head and nothing more, so I don't know how did you find out what the whole body of this entire fish looked like, but its cool regardless.