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Glyptocystites multiporus

Various echinoderms from Ordovician New York...
Top right hand corner is the crinoid Cupulocrinus jewetti, which has its stem conveniently wrapped around a stem of the coral-like bryozoan, Batosoma.
Next to C. jewetti is Archaeocrinus pyriformis.
Directly below A. pyriformis is the rhombiferan cystoid Pleurocystites squamosus.
Directly in front is another rhombiferan cystoid, Glyptocystites multiporus
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Ive heard tell of giant 30 meter+ crinoid could you tell if you known the genus
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Have you tried googling Seirocrinus or Pentacrinus?
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No thanks (thats awesome)
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the textures are nice and the subtle colors work well together
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Certainly, the oceans are poorer for the loss of these enigmatic creatures.
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Like I said before in other comments, I have nothing but the utmost respect to the people who draw crinoids on a regular basis.
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Not that the ocean today isn't an amazing place, but man would I love to see what the ancient ocean looked like. How these guys lived...
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That, I'm still trying to figure out.
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