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Embolotherium andrewsi v1

By avancna
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The best known Asian brontothere genus is Embolotherium, literally "battering ram beast." Ironically, while the flattened "horn" is analogous to the horns of North American brontotheres, like, say, Brontotherium, it was too fragile to be used as a battering ram, as there was a hollow running down its center, and was at too oblique an angle to provide good impact.
Shown here is the better-known species, E. andrewsi
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This is excellent. Simply a bang-up job. I particularly like the expression on the face and the detail on the horn.

But is it true that there were brontotheres that were the size of modern rhinos? At least that's what you said on one of your other works.
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Brontotheres ranged in size from mastiff puppies (such as Eotitanops) to horned monstrosities over 7 feet at the withers.
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But which ones were the size of today's rhinos?
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The skin fold details are very speculative, and they have interesting characteristics to them!
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I based it off on rhinoceri...
Though, I want to redraw this picture, as I realized that I had based the horn off of Walking With Beasts' version, and not the actual skulls.
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I would think that would make him cross-eyed...I just keep thinking of the "opti-Grab' from 'The Jerk'...

Oh, I know. He doesn't have binocular vision, I guess...
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We suspect that the later brontotheres had very poor vision, due to small, possibly myopic eyes, and their field of vision being disrupted by their tremendous horns.
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But, alas, they had no one to sue for it...
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Nor were laser-eye surgery or corrective lenses invented yet, either.
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A very nice picture!
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I wonder what they sounded like.
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