Fight for Five: The Second Kim Possible Petition

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If you can back track to 2002, you'll remember a certain cartoon airing on Disney Channel, featuring a high school cheerleader in Middleton who saved the world in her spare time.

This girl was Kim Possible.

Now, if you fast forward a bit to 2005, you'll remember a petition being held by hundreds of fan groups called "Save Kim Possible," after the release of their so-called "series finale," "Kim Possible: So The Drama." In 2006, Disney agreed to release a fourth season of Kim Possible with a 2-month delay.

Now, it's 2007, and the series finale 2-part episodes, "Graduation" first aired on Disney Channel on Sept. 7, 2007. Now, there's a second petition for the series to continue, called "Fight for Five."

Me being a fellow member of the "kimmunity," and a fellow artist in dA, I've decided to start an artist's campaign to save Kim Possible. "Fight for Five" is now being brought to deviantART. To show your vote for the series to continue, draw a Kim Possible fanart. The possiblities are endless, and the categories are your choice! Post the link to your deviation in your comment and search for the petition on Google. (type in quotes, "Fight for Five.")

Good luck to all!
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MU-Cheer-Girl's avatar
I've made some KP fanart, but most of it deals with Shego...
ili137's avatar
No WAY I AM SO NOT Letting this happen KP Will be SAved I did a few dedications to Kim Possible and now im also working on new projects as well if u wanna see my pics u can check out my gallery (: !!! ..
mr35mm's avatar
I left my petition in the site of "Fight for five". About my KP fanart, everybody can see it at my gallery here: [link]

Thanks for this chance to participate! :-)
AmericanGecko's avatar
I faved this a while back, but forgot to sign. So, here's my siggy.
silverbluebutterfly's avatar
omg totally with ya there. Kim was the only girl I looked up to as a kid I would be who I am with out her then so they should bring her back today
Saberius's avatar
KP was the only cartoon that I could sit with my two daughters and watch.

They loved the slash fights with Kim and Shego
and I chuckled at the antics of Ron and Rufus.

We cheered when Dr Draken's world domination attempts were foiled and it was topic of enthusiastic discussion around the dinner table.

Please Disney, bring it back for season 5, and let the family time begin again.
sharon43210's avatar
I may chose to do a KP fanfic in
the future, but I am busy with so
many projects right now.

Kim is a redhead like me.
spioonerxyz's avatar
Voltron tell me how to GET MY KIMMIE BACK!
ILoveKimPossibleAlot's avatar
Don't forgot about the FFF week December 7-13 !!!!!!!!
MajesticBurn's avatar
It doesn't make much sense for them to have not even considered another of their kim possible movies; as far as Disney kids shows go, it's one of their best- and it would make alot of sense for them to discuss her college years and such- at least give something definate when it comes to her ultimate fate
does she still do her hero work as college student? does she continue even while trying to survive as a real adult? and of course the "does her relationship with ron last forever?" question
they REALLY should keep it going
kimpossible753's avatar
tHEY CAN'T DO THAT! Kim Possible is the best cartoon and I like it so much! I would like join heir because I like KP!
lionsilverwolf's avatar
Gotta try and persuade them to see reason. They'll probably keep a lot of fans that followed KP through highschool if they upgrade it for college. Must join!
turbolover175's avatar
Dang, I didn't know my Kim College pics could have such an impact..
Drakken247's avatar
Kim Possible is one of the 'Few' Great Cartoons left on Disney!
dbzcellLover's avatar
noooo! that is one of my fav show
firekid2003's avatar
I was a member last time
And I participating This time too
Ronster can't allow Them do that To my KP
classiccutlass's avatar
I will not let that happen!
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:O_o: so.. ppl are planning to take away Kim Possible??
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where do they live maybe me and mister bat can talk into something a little more to hour liking, danm i would crash some skulls if i weren't in Denmark
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