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Feralheart August 22 Mass Markings

Hello! I have a little bit of rules I need you to follow before downloading.
But before the rules let me explain something:
I realized that people could not find these markings, it took me forever to find them myself. I give credit to who made them.
Okay, rules!
1. If you have a problem with downloading them, feel free to message me about it or comment. I will do my best to figure it out for you, but I am not a computer god. Don't get pissed if I can't fix it.
2. Do not pout about it not working for you. The instructions are a little frustrating and confusing, so it's better to look up a tutorial on youtube (I will upload a tutorial soon!)
3. Do not comment saying that "you need winRAR in order to do this, just saying.". No joke I got a comment that said that on my last Aug. 22 post. Not specifically about WinRAR but don't state something that isn't true. It is not required to have WinRAR, it's just easier when you do have winRAR. 

Okay, How to do this now.

I will have written instructions and a video for you. Credit to ElementZero for the video!

  1. Check the files. There should be a minimum of two files in the folder: One should be in the form of a notepad, markings.cfg. The other should just be a plain old folder - textures.

  2. Open 'My Computer' or 'Computer' You should see a lot of folders and files, one of which will be named FeralHeart.

  3. Open the FeralHeart folder and again you will see a lot of files.

  4. Go back the the markings folder. Drag and drop the markings.cfg file into the FeralHeart folder, click replace file. This adds the new markings.

  5. Replace the textures folder. In the FeralHeart folder you will see another folder named 'media' open this and you should see a folder named 'textures' along with a bunch of other ones. Drag and drop the 'textures' folder from the MARKINGS folder into the MEDIA folder, click replace file. This adds all the new textures for the new markings.

  6. Restart FeralHeart (if it is open). The markings won't work if you installed them with FeralHeart open. Shut it down and re-open it and they're appear. You have all the new markings, if you are not absolutely sure they have worked, try making a new character and check the markings box. There will be quite a few more markings added.

Please leave positive feedback!

Unfortunately, I do not have a dropbox version.

Thanks, loves.

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flickanlina's avatar
i can use them for the new fh, but i cant download them anymore? i had to reinstall fh and wanted this back that i allways use but it seems like i cant use them anymore
ISpy-TheRogue-Leo's avatar
how old are these markings? The ones i have at the moment are from 2016 of June
MagpieFeathers's avatar
Do these work with the newest version of FH? :3
M3sk3t3's avatar
yep, i can use them
XxSpeedpaintrxX's avatar
Is this being updated to work with the new FH update, or is it cool to install?
sadiemys's avatar
AWE i love this !!
Reapertheguardian's avatar
Does this work with the new 1.15 fh update?
EkaYaru's avatar
Yes, I still have this marking pack and works pretty well~
Katfish-Queen's avatar
How did you install these? Mine don't seem to be working with the update...
AKM-Linearts's avatar
Would doing steps 4 and 5 remove the original markings in the game?

Okay nvm all markings are still there XD
kaira-katsuo's avatar
what 2nd image on image (lol) mark is called?
artwolf122's avatar
Hi, i tried to download this so i downloaded the pack from media fire but the file is WinZip. which i don't have. is their any way to fix this? it happens with every feral-heart packs and maps i try to download.
Mims-Sketchbook's avatar
almost all feralheart files like these are zipped. so if you have problems with this, im sorry. so no there is no way to fix this unless WinRar is downloaded
WanderingLok's avatar
Wolfyy23's avatar
You may not be a computer god, but holy shit you're a god to me right now.

I decided to redownload feral heart, and was worried about going through the major troubles of trying to find it, then a link to here appeared. Oml the happiness. ;w;
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