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Realism and water study

A realism and water study started during the holidays of the amazing underwater pic "Calm Down" by ElenaKalis.…

I like a lot this photo, specially coulours and I really wanted to repaint it on photoshop. It took me around 20-25 hours, water was really hard to paint (as you can see it's not perfect...) but I learned a lot from it! :)

You can see my progress here:…

• 07/11/2013 - 09/08/2013 •
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the water effects are mesmerising

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wait a minute this is a draw?
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Totally amazing!!! I hope I draw like u someday!!

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Wow...just wow
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this is so beautiful.....
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omg, I thought it was a real picture and I used it as a study on semi-realistic painting. if you want, I can show you the result. but omg, i'm so amazed. it's a masterpiece
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This is completely just absolutely breathtaking!!!
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Awesome 👍👍
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Oh my god, it's fantastic... i'm mesmerized. I didn't think it was a "painting"! You're talented for sure !
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Toujours aussi beau depuis l'temps ! Je ne devais pas être très familier avec l'option FAV à l'époque. Voilà que c'est corrigé. J'espère que tu vas recommencer quelque chose du genre, c'était si beau.
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amazing and cry!!!!
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This is so, so, SO amazing! :clap:
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You are truly an inspiration :clap:
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This is insane! I think I've fainted. Bravo!
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no way, this is not painted Oo You did such a great job <3
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OMG!! You say THIS is not very successful???..This is AWESOME!
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TEnes un talento imprecionante, te felicito!
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Tu m'énerves !!
- c'est là tout ce que j'ai à dire x) -
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WAAAw incroyable !!! bravo c'est génial :D !! (c'est ta cousine Sarah qui te fait de la pub et elle a bien raison je dis chapo !!)
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Incroyable. Je suis sur le c**, et tu n'as que 17 ans ? Flippant !
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:wow: this... is... not... real?! OH MY WORLD!!! :faint:
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