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PG: Cupid Meme

William probably wouldn't do this willingly... 
I'll leave it to your imagination as to how he managed to get convinced (?) that being strung up in a dress was a good idea.
Probably bribed with goodies "OTL
Though... I wonder why? Perhaps someone needed to set the scene?

EDIT: I just noticed Marchie tagged purps. ;w;" Uhm, I hope this is okay to do
William thought, "Second time's the charm" and loosed another arrow! He had just enough time to call out to the poor soul who might find themselves with a bump on the head from a plastic toy.
"Sorry Kiseki!"

OLD: William's arrow skills are... Questionable. He tried loosing one but it went into Soren's window in the CTP. Sorry master Soren!

Ahhh, I took a break from work and doodled! I wonder if this still counts? I haven't done much PG-wise though I keep meaning to. ;o;"

William is a bit of a love-meiser. 
"Eh, it just gets in the way.... It causes the largest amount of avoidable conflict in almost every storybook and it seems like such a pain to maintain." -William

Stop reading so many books William. Live a little! :v

William really likes hugs. He just doesn't trust anyone enough to feel comfortable getting that close. Still has to break those last few barriers from his past, yanno? (Tho... there's a few select people he's getting closer too. I think they could get away with it. :3 )
He was the kid who'd poke his twin awake and say "I can't sleep. Let me in." Shame he isn't able to do it in Pandora as easily, it's still a lasting habit. Instead I think he just cuddles a pillow at night. ;w;" 

Okai, back to work! //fish flops away.

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a double tag! :iconshockplz: what is this madness?! have ophelia and william finally seen the light and decided to gang up on soren after all!?
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Pfft~ Maybe! Or maybe they just really want to be friends.
William: "Notice me, sensei."
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Soren: Did someone open a window? I swear I heard a gust of wind blow through here...
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William: :iconitsfreezingplz: That hurts, Mr.Soren.
(One day William will find a good teacher, aha)
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Awww, William is just too cute! I love how even his butterfly friend is all decked out for the occasion~ 

(He and Ophelia should be cupid buddies~)
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Pff, he is rather cute in that dress. He wouldn't be pleased to know though. >v>
(Yes~ They should! Ophelia, plz try to get him to embrace the love a little more. ;w; )
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