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Like A Princess
Kopa, The Lost Son,-colored-version-
So Many Simbas
Disney Gay Prince or Lesbian Princess
Favorite this if you agree, 100 favorites and we are going to send it to Disney. DISNEY SHOULD HAVE EITHER A GAY PRINCE OR A LESBIAN PRINCESS. Sure they made it more diverse racial-wise, but what about in sexual view? Why shouldn't there be a princess or a prince that isn't gay/lesbian/bisexual/asexual? An LGBTQ+ Disney royal would help encourage children to not be afraid to be themselves! (if there are any good arguments in the comments as to why or why not, I will update this journal to fit them) DONT FORGET TO FAVORITE IF YOU AGREE.
Custom Character Design
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Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (194)
My Bio

Moved accountssss https://www.deviantart.com/applelon

psa everything here is super outdatedddd

Favourite Movies
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Jessie, The big bang theory, The lion guard
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
HarryPotter (prisoner of Azkaban) & The hungar games & Matilda
Favourite Writers
Dr Suess & Jk Rowling
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Wolfquest and Roblox
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none really
Other Interests
Horseback riding!!!
Okay so I was originally gonna just kinda do this quietly but I feel bad for people who comment on my page asking for breedables, adopts etc so I just wanted to make it clear that I'm moving accounts! I made this one when I was like what, twelve or so? Most of it is embarrassing because y'know, kids, and I wanted to start over in a fresh area where I can just post things and feel free about it. Not that I think anyone cares, but it will be more multifandom and less tlk https://www.deviantart.com/applelon anyways thanks to anyone who took a bit to read this, and I wont be checking this acct very often if at all so if you need to contact me for any reason just do it there
CLOSED- 500 POINTS(Raffle!)
WINNER (500 pts): Starsishere SECOND PLACE (50 pts): Brownie-Adopts THIRD PLACE (20 pts): Ardvrks Omg there a legit a lot of people who joined... RULES: 1) Comment that you want to join 2) Share this raffle 3) I dunno, if you like lion king then check out my page? (i’m so official ik) 4) password is cleo 5) put the password in your comment DEADLINE: December 12th EDIT: A lot more ppl are joining then I thought, so there is a second place prize of 50 points! EDIT 2: Not everyone’s name is on the list as of rn, i’ll work on that when I have time ENTERED: TheEnderGurl XFantasyCreatureX Xx12rrDarkWolfxX Shiroku
Internet Meme
(I can do stuff too popular artists!) ____________________________________ RULES: 1. Answer all the questions honestly as possible 2. Have fun with it 3. Tag three other people and say who tagged you! 4. Put these four rules in your re-posted journal QUESTION 1: What has the internet done that helps you? Answer: It's made me waaaay more accepting then I was before I got into fandoms and shipping and such. QUESTION 2: What has the internet done that doesn't exactly work in your favor? Answer: After being here a while I may or may not be really really competitive and love to argue more then healthy... QUESTION 3: What do you normally


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LukaSwiftHobbyist Digital Artist
I love your art! Would you ever be interested in an art trade?
Thats so sweet of you! And Sure i’d love too, do you have discord or Skype? Or would you prefer to discuss it here,
LukaSwiftHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply. Yes. I've got Discord
Great ^^ Mine is Applelon#5007
DJMIXX20Student General Artist
im so glad after years you are still rocking the icon
It’s still bootiful🙌
DJMIXX20Student General Artist
aaa ye