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Disney's best villain!


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I love this work so much and I'd like to buy a print, but I think your Society6 link may be broken. I keep getting "this page doesn't exist" error :( 
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Masterfully Done! :D
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Pompous, courtly, elegant, ominous, unrepentant, terrifyingly powerful. Willing to devote the greater part of two decades to settling a matter of simple pride. Shamelessly claiming the title of Evil's Mistress. 

Oh, this villain. And Eleanor Audley absolutely NAILED her cold, beautiful, dangerous voice. Favorite Disney villain. Very well drawn, and very well done!
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Best villain until the live make of her story... they totally got her persona wrong. But damn Angelina Jolie did look just like her.
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(Direct quote from me. I'd "LOL" as well, if there was a 'Grinning Out Loud' version.)
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My absolute favourite villain. (sorry for my englisch,is not so fine)
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I do miss evil Maleficent, curiously her original green skin and her original role as a main villian. This pic reminds me of what I miss about the original character.
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Now there is the Maleficent we all know for who she truly is.
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Yes, it really captures her looming, ominious evil. Is just like when you see her figure by the fireplace in the animation, beckoning Aurora to her dewm.
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This is so amazing. All the color combined and this big shadow on her face.. Give me chills. I love Maleficent
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darn right she is
Wow ! This is awsome. And how did you do it ?
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Wow, I've seen a lot of images of Maleficent, but this one is one of the top I've seen yet! 
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Amazing! I love the eyes of Maleficent and the crow. Beautiful, effective composition. 
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wow, really beautiful design! i like it a lot :)
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