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Dogons Sketches

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Dogon concept art. Dogons are the archenemies/predators to the Toringus.

or Akuma according to some parts of the Great East.

Are quite possibly the vilest creature to inhabit the lands but to say it inhabits anything is like saying it contributes to an ecosystem or habitat. Which it doesn't. Dogons burrow themselves underground or even into mountains to undergo hibernation for years. Many years. 40-100 years even (and no one really has a way of predicting when without the use seismographs) and raise only to kill and slaughter. So much for hoping for friendly aliens.

This also meaning, Toringu only get to see their biggest archnemesis every 40 years or more. Also meaning that no one would realize any slight changes because of scarce sightings so as of now, every Toringu understands they do not evolve. Not one has ever been caught alive and the dead somehow vanish the next day, leaving scientists to squawk in surprise at finding that their specimens were 'dragged' out.

These invaders stand at a daunting 1.7 meters at the shoulders, 2 meters for certain variants called betas. Their scaley skin is a dirty orange to dull yellow, shells and plates dark and striped with some sort of gold. Underneath are reddish vents that very rarely are seen due to the nature of the armor shells nesting into each other in a forward to back direction. Long and tough muscular legs, the front bent a little awkwardly but this is not a hindrance for their high jumping heights and ability to run for long distances at high speeds. 6 toed front feet, 5 toed back feet. At their neck are three holes that when air is blown through produce hollow howls and eerie whistles and roars. Used all together, they can produce a terrifying orchestra of noises. Four eyes dot their gnarled and ugly faces with pupils independent from one another. Snout yielding flared nostrils to take in air and scents. But when needed, their obscenely large mouth is enough to provide great intakes of oxygen or better yet, take out one or two Toringu at a time. Small goblin ears at the sides of their heads, despite having them, they can be a little deaf -- or maybe they just have selective hearing. These hunters which most would consider to have been equipped with the best tools for their job currently live on Mu as an invasive species.

They have found out enough to know:

-Have never been seen to eat. Just kill.

-They possess no sexual organs.

*Leads them to believe they either spontaniously appear or something is producing them asexually.

-Each appearance has more and more Dogons appearing leading to the question; where do they come from?

-Their jaws swivel open as if unhinge, at an almost 160° angle.

-Mouth leads all the way back to the edge of their skull.

-They have 6 digits on their front legs, one thumb, five toes. One of the toes is vistigial... almost as if they developed the thumbs later.

-Five digits on the back feet.

-Traces of gold in both the armor and headplate.

-Mane is thick and when raised provides a shield against arrows.

-Holes along the sides of their necks to allow for loud roars and whistles. Communication.

-Rarely appear to attack alone. Seem coordinated but yet not smart enough to know not to run straight into spikes. They live to eat and destroy the Toringu as every time they awaken they head directly to their villages.

art belongs to me
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I love the concept art!