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ghost in the killing field
I am the ghost of past destruction
grabbed from the herd and murdered
my spirit send out from the garden to wander
I am the ghost of optimism and tough loyalty
murdered by those I trusted
the undead boy brought in again to tend corners they didn't know existed
I am the ghost of engineering desire
grateful to the haunt the killing fields
trying to complete my unfinished business
I am the ghost of past betrayal
watching colleagues and friends walk out
with that same emotional shock and distress
I am a ghost of the past and harbinger of the future
reborn to haunt the killing fields
and watch others die
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 0 1
in the middle of a featureless plain
walking toward the horizon
when the sky is clear
and I can tell where it is
in a world with no landmarks
traveled by others who left no sign
who I ignored during their journey
pretending it would never be mine
out on my own now
carrying a few familiar things
to make it feel okay
to be lost
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 2 0
2018 March offering  for the God of Winter by avalanchepark 2018 March offering for the God of Winter :iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 1 0
spring reveals
all of winter's scars
the broken limbs in the forest
and the McDonalds garbage beside the road
spring reveals
the lie of  solid foundations
as the ground turns to slimy jello
that pulls off boots and sucks in car tires
spring reveals
the promise of life's renewal
as crows return to the ridge
and the birches turn red at the tips
spring reveals
what makes life possible
a reason to hope for the future
a warm sun as you pull out your boot
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 2 1
life's reward
weary contemplation
of life without purpose
sleep without healing
and dreams without sex
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 3 2
incomplete, complete
she holds my eye
resonating in the hollow
empty shell
of an incomplete life
she holds my eye
soft and pretty
echo of moments long past
the part I couldn't get right
she holds my eye
a person unknown
an illusion to provide
imaginations momentary completion
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 2 2
the meaning of cats
a lifetime of cats
for the joy and anger
for the care and concern
for the worry and death
of my own to come
a lifetime of cats
of humor and exuberance
of warmth and connection
unconditional and unencumbered
by human drama
a lifetime of cats
as I withdraw from life
as I shut off new commitments
as I narrow my world
to those who still remain
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 1 1
the future
thinking about the future
when machines can do everything
freeing us to discover
our ultimate nature
thinking of the future
wondering who ends up in control
of the machines that make the world turn
and what they do with the rest of us
thinking of the future
wondering if we are returning to Eden
when the machines can do everything
or being kicked out once again
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 0 0
in the night
all the connections fall away
and all that remains
is a hollow shell
wistful memory
and all that seems lost
a powerful  sadness wells up
into a hollow shell
then the old cat
jumps onto my bed
to see why I am crying
and fill my soul again
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 0 0
I pray without belief
because what the hell, it can't hurt
and it feels good to talk to someone
even if it's only my imaginary friend
I pray without expectation
because I don't believe
but I wish it were true
that some form of justice and love was out there
I pray without relief
because my imaginary friend can't fix me
or the world
but it's nice to talk to someone
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 2 4
happiness grows and dies
like the child
passing from uncomprehending delight
to grateful recognition
and she radiates like the sun
happiness that is deep
but unwary
fully felt because there is no context
we can grow deeper with time
wise and self assured
but never touch that moment again
when we knew joy without the certainty it would end
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 2 0
Guardian at the gate
Winter tires on the car early
prescient action
winter descends
white sky and white ground
only relief the black skeletons
of the trees alive so recently
daughter returned to her life far away
mother survived a crisis back at home
worrying about the future
today I followed my ritual
using the snow to build a guardian at the gate
looking out on Route 15 and all my companions in this life
giving thanks we have gotten this far
giving thanks for those around us
giving thanks for the chance to build one more guardian at the gate
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 0 0
beautiful sadness
she works at a stop on the road
a teenager in transition
from girl to woman
the image changing with the light
I stop for coffee
after another day
grinding down the pipe
between the two ends of my life
and it's always the strangest mix
the joy for her moment
and the sadness
that mine has past
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 0 0
Quiet Moments
does she think of me
in quiet moments
at the end of her day
when we were new
and she took my breath away
is there a warm feeling
in those reflections
and the same wistful sadness
I  feel
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 1 0
Gold rush
pan your memories
like a miner in the gold fields
wash away the black sand
and bask in the treasure that remains
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 0 0
we are all color and sound
we are all light and motion
believing an illusion
of something more in the world
:iconavalanchepark:avalanchepark 1 0


how I take self-portraits by ivtaya how I take self-portraits :iconivtaya:ivtaya 58 6 but you shine like the sun when you love yourself by ivtaya but you shine like the sun when you love yourself :iconivtaya:ivtaya 82 10 For Gshperes Here and Elsewhere by DocWario For Gshperes Here and Elsewhere :icondocwario:DocWario 34 2 Skate Or Diet by DocWario Skate Or Diet :icondocwario:DocWario 56 4 So Tiny by DocWario So Tiny :icondocwario:DocWario 47 3 Flutter In Blue by DocWario Flutter In Blue :icondocwario:DocWario 51 2 Flutbloc by DocWario Flutbloc :icondocwario:DocWario 44 2 Rainbloc by DocWario Rainbloc :icondocwario:DocWario 54 2 Twibloc by DocWario Twibloc :icondocwario:DocWario 54 2 Pakistan Day - I  aka King of The Castle by InayatShah Pakistan Day - I aka King of The Castle :iconinayatshah:InayatShah 21 2 One Day Closer by ahermin One Day Closer :iconahermin:ahermin 12 2 always by ivtaya always :iconivtaya:ivtaya 72 4 Crane Portrait by InayatShah Crane Portrait :iconinayatshah:InayatShah 39 11 My Friend The Vulturine -IV by InayatShah My Friend The Vulturine -IV :iconinayatshah:InayatShah 45 12 Ole by InayatShah Ole :iconinayatshah:InayatShah 15 0 Sunday Apprenticeship by InayatShah Sunday Apprenticeship :iconinayatshah:InayatShah 17 11


cats loose themselves in our world
trading their wild freedom
for a predictable safety

cats live in themselves
surrendering only for their own purposes
aloof in the pursuit  of eager servants

cats are hedonists
teaching us the deep pleasure
of loving touch

creatures of endless curiosity
cats see a world we can't
and understand it in ways mysterious

caused to cogitate by

midlife is the time you face your choices

and know you will be no more than you are

midlife is  the time when  you understand

the past cannot be held and  only today is real

midlife is  the time you regret choosing the grasshopper

as the ants retire :>)

a friend retired this week amid a group of admiring colleges who acknowledged his decency and skill and the hard work and insight that left a life of accomplishment. I was happy for him and yet burdened with some flashes of melancholy and envy realizing my own moment had been stolen by fate and and corporate fortune and would never come. My ideal was to need no validation beyond my own but it suddenly felt lonely to be unacknowledged for the long path I had traveled .

And each day the number of people who see me as a full accomplished human being and not "the old guy and what the hell does he do" shrinks . Out with a whimper not a bang...
ivtaya wanders the halls of deviant art again. more satisfying moments assured :>)
goodbye Taya

being on this site has brought surprising loss. Inevitably young people who post here through their growth and changing inspiration move on or are moved on by life. The delight of watching their growth and appreciating there work suddenly disappears. The neighborhood seems empty, moments of happiness lost. Very strange and nothing I expected when I came here to follow my son's artistic twists and turns.

First case was LongBeautifulDay. The camera loved her and she brought so much energy and optimism.

Now ivtaya is leaving. So much of her work has been wonderful. . I tried to look through my favs to find the first piece of her work I had tagged but for some reason they are not showing. So  it is still searchable and I grabbed this link - the way I remember her in the beginning even if it isn't the first I fav'd

~ by ivtaya

and now after so much growth and struggle

ii by ivtaya

and I stand in my metaphorical doorway and wave goodbye and feel the loss

warning sings and slowing traffic
coming home on a hot summer day
after a lunch in Stowe with my daughter

and then the story is there
like a slap in the face
a log truck in the ditch and a small car with the front window covered

why it happened
on a perfectly clear day
was not obvious

but the scene flashed me back
to near death last year
and the moment when you know

and I see them now
the old couple who missed the stop sign
seeing death appear

and  the truck driver
mashing the breaks
unable to avoid the reapers fate

and I turn away my thoughts
looking away from the abyss
lest I fall in


dale w martin
United States
Current Residence: East Overshoe , Vermont USA
Favourite genre of music: anything well done
Favourite style of art: anything well done
Wallpaper of choice: Glow in the dark stars
Favourite cartoon character: Zim
Personal Quote: yesterday's a memory ,tomorrow a promise , live today
cats loose themselves in our world
trading their wild freedom
for a predictable safety

cats live in themselves
surrendering only for their own purposes
aloof in the pursuit  of eager servants

cats are hedonists
teaching us the deep pleasure
of loving touch

creatures of endless curiosity
cats see a world we can't
and understand it in ways mysterious

caused to cogitate by


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