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Mega Man 11 Weapon Get - All MM1 Weapons -
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Published: September 19, 2018
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Feeling inspired again. After playing the Mega Man 11 demo, I decided to do some redesigns of my MM1 Robot Master Variable Weapons using the "Weapon Get" art from the demo. I have a few ideas fumbling around in my head so, I may do the MM2 Robot Masters next. Stay tuned...

Edit: Fixed a few mistakes and added the Sub Weapon Icons to the bottom left as well as incorporated the Power and Speed Gears into the top right Weapon Demonstration.
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cyberf7Hobbyist Writer
Capcom dlc idea right here.
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This looks quite cool. I hope you’re going to do all previous Classic Mega Man weapons including those form the Gameboy games.
MrGreen916's avatar
You need to put the Mirror Buster on here
redballbomb's avatar
I think you mean Magnet Beam
MrGreen916's avatar
Mega Man on Gameboy is like Mega Man 1, that’s why
MrGreen916's avatar
Where’s the Mirror Buster?
redballbomb's avatar
You mean Magnet Beam.
MrGreen916's avatar
I don’t mean that, Enker’s Mirror Buster you get in Mega Man on Gameboy, like how on the second picture it has Quint’s weapon
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You're actually buffing the weapons
IMMAGONNAGET2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it!
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It's crazy, I was actually doing sketches of the MM1/Powered Up crew AND their weapons in the Mega Man 11 style, and many beat me to the punch!

This one's REALLY good, especially the designs of each "arm and gear" design! Fire Storm, Oil Slider and Thunder Beam look amazing!!

My only issue, which unfortunately is the issue with the MM1 crew (except for Ice Man) is that there are a lot of oranges, reds and yellows, so it could easily be difficult to pick out which weapon you're using without looking at the weapon icons, which is why I'd opt for giving Super Arm more of an earthy brown colour and Hyper Bomb some frag-grenade green.

All in all, fantastic work! :clap:
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iann28Student Artist
Time slow went for purple... 
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Now if only someone can do these as sprites.
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What was scrapped from the first game is now a reality. You sir are a fantastic Mega Man artist!
FYI, are you still working on Mega Man Epilogue?
maeborofzki's avatar
My my, these are amazing! I could definitely see a remake (not Powered Up) that includes these as Special Weapons. Specifically, yours.
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SuperjustinbrosHobbyist Digital Artist
These are really good, well done.
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KewlNerd20X6Hobbyist General Artist
These look really good, but I personally think the original colors should have been kept unchanged. Rolling cutter should have stayed grey, Super Arm should have stayed brown, Hyper Bomb should have stayed green, etc.
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Zackman92Hobbyist General Artist
And please do the mm3 and mm5 weapons too
Zackman92's avatar
Zackman92Hobbyist General Artist
Please do the mm2 weapons in the mm11 style next
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BigBDawg001Hobbyist General Artist
I hope that we could get to see something like that with the previous weapons. That means 88 more to do, subtracting these 8 as well as Mega Man 11. 
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cooldavid13Student Digital Artist
Awesome and also i am a megaman fan.
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egrol-the-kimeraStudent Digital Artist
maaaaaaaan this is so awesome for a megaman powerup remake (well powerup is a remake, soo ill be a remake of a remake) awesome work like allway i love it 10000/10
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