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A Tribute To Escher

By avago
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Half a century past, M.C.Escher, one of the most talented artists of his time and beyond, created a picture simply titled 'Spirals'. It is in honor of this picture, this artist, and his work, that I submit my interpretation of 'Spirals' today.
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reinventiveProfessional General Artist
I am looking for a similar piece, might you be able to do something similar but with 5 ribbons instead of 4? I'm a huge Escher fan, but my business has five key elements and I'm looking to link the two concepts. Even having a drawing would be cool, and my CAD just isn't up to par these days.
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wow, it can be interpreted as a "vortex ring"! =)
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mani-masStudent Digital Artist
Fantastic artwork. Escher would be immensely proud.
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I share your admiration of Escher and his work, and I think your interpretation is a true tribute :D
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sushifreakStudent Artisan Crafter
I don't get it... you re-create something in 3d almost perfectly from scratch and 6 favs... 7 plus min in 4 years? this is some great modeling! Overall color and texture and even those lines similar to his sketch... Beautiful work!!
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Krimsyn Writer
Wow man this is beautiful. And only 6 favs??
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gaeamil Photographer
This a 3D render, or a photo of one you built? My computer must be wacky right now, cuz I cant see any full-views right now, but I must know.
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gaeamil Photographer
wait, it came back. Really cool, now that I can tell!
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splaz General Artist
i love it. i love escher. YAY
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Simple and sleek. I love it. It looks great.
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well composed, clean looking and just all around awsome. Great work.
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Very awesome. I'm a big fan of Escher as well as a 3d modeler, and i actually made this piece too, but never got around to rendering it :) (Smile) If you want, check out my 3d waterfall recreation.

Nice work!
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that's indeed a very nice interpretation of Escher's work. I like the skillfull use of contemporary media. The original piece has a imho technical flair and therefore your interpretation is really 'appropriate'.
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omnibladea7Hobbyist Photographer
Its beyond perfect... Wonderful! QUALITY!!! Keep it up. *bows*
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I love it..for a moment I thought Escher was dead or something.
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Awesome...simple and effective. I love this!
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escher is great...i like this interpretation of that piece...great to see some quality 3d art here!
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that is awesome, i like how clean and neat it it, very unique look to it too. well done!
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dman Interface Designer
this is great, so cool. dont know what else to say bout it... its very interesting
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really like this.. so clean and simple..
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