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Ice Dragon

This is an ice dragon I thought up of while eating popciles (no lie!) I was really hot today, and we had no air conditioning :ohnoes: so I was eating popsicles to try to cool myself down, I probably ate around 5 in just half an hour. I wanted to draw a dragon (because I was bored) and thought of an ice dragon. Yep...
And she doesn't have a name, so if anyone has suggestions, don't be too shy to tell me!=)

EDIT: Okay, I think this will be her name: She is Glacia, and she's part of a clan of ice dragons who live in the arctic. Her type of species live on Antarctica.

EDIT 2: WHAAAAAAAT?? You people still fave this? It's so old! XD
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ah yes... the dragon pic that everyone steals
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Very artistic! Cool job... <3
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Nice piece you got there! Quite a few years ago I remember a friend showing me this art on her phone and claiming that she drew it! Lol. Of course I believed her, but not that long later, I found this artwork on Google images with a link to a different artist and grew a tad bit suspicious. Anyaway, lovely ice dragon you got here! ;) 
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Ice is my Element; it's never cold enough for me. 
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thanks very much for adding -bonding- to your collection of favorites :D (Big Grin) 
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When I was really little I saw this drawing it really inspired me to draw and Idk I wanted to say thank you because it kinda shaped who i am now. And I really love your work!!!! 
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How do you draw like this? It's amazing!
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Hey I don't mean to double post but I was wondering may I continue to use this picture as a reference for my character Blizzard when I need to make an character sheet? Like I said the other day I only discover that you were the original creator of this artwork a few days ago.
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This drawing actually inspired one of my characters that I made name Blizzard! and now I finally found who made this! Amazing art work!
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I love this drawing. It inspired me to start drawing dragons. Thank you so much.
JacobDaGun's avatar know, I've been brainstorming ideas for making my own sort of unique ice dragon, and I think this gave me a few ideas.  Thanks!
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i love u r drawing!! i posted it. i found it online. Now i know it was u. i will mention u.
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Do you think you'll draw her again?
how long did this take? someone stole your work:(
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id like to inform you that theuniqueponies has stolen and taken credit for your incredible art skills. anyway, I love the drawing!
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I love this and I think Kida is a go name.:D (Big Grin) 
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uhh hey buddy you stole my art
Wanted to show how the dragon is going to look like in a real life size version…
I'm actualy building a life size model of this dragon to be shown on a very large parade in the Netherlands
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Unfortunately someone, ~TheUniquePonies, has stolen this: Ice Dragon by TheUniquePonies
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Im so sorry I used your art work without your permission Waaaah! I just thought it was a picture on the Internet so I downloaded it and used it. It's yours and I hope you will let me continue to use it.Again I'm sorry, but I really love your work,this would have taken me forever to do.What did you use to make it and how long did it take?
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