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* bashing other people in this group is forbidden, using Avada Kedavra on them is the clear exception
* please show respect to one another, no fighting is allowed unless you have a wand (don't ask)
* we only accept deviations that MENTION or FEATURE the Killing Curse in them, so if you fail to meet this requirement then your work will be denied

* free
* automatic
* for any Harry Potter fan of the Killing Curse

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Group Info

Yes it's true, a fanclub exists for the unforgivable killing curse frequently used by the insane Dark Lord Voldemort and his psyco bitch Death Eaters :rofl:

We will accept any work featuring this particular spell, SO IF YOUR DEVIATION DOES NOT SHOWCASE OR MENTION Avada Kedavra then it will be denied.

Membership and submission are automatic and free.


[the current icon we have is only temporary until we get a better one]

tag words -

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Founded 8 Years ago
Jul 19, 2011


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330 Members
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 Harry Potter Roleplay search

Hello! My name is Navy! I am interested in having an adventurous action packed Harry Potter role-play! Woo!

- I do have limits. I am only alright with violence. I only want an action role-play. Simple romance is alright, sweet innocent stuff. My character Alaric will make sure he makes any woman feel appreciated, especially if he is in a relationship.
- I enjoy making things exciting. I will double, triple quadruple as ANY Canon you'd like me to. So long as I may play my two original characters Alaric and Evelyn:


the tracker by sandara

Name:  Evelyn Black

Gender: Female

Blood: Pureblood

Wand: Unicorn Hair 11 3/4 inches

Talent history: Animagus/survival skills - Since a young pre-teen she new she was always weaker, slower to act on spells and to defend herself. Sirius Black helped train her.  Her heart showed these true desires to be strong, and through over a decade of practice, she gained her desire. She was able to change into a Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon at her own free will. Though cursed and stuck in her form for a few years she was commanded to guard the LeStrange Vault until set free by the famous trio of friends. Since then she has been unnoticed by the Black family line, met Azalie and Alaric.

This Talent is not perfect either, she still continues to work on mastering this skill. She struggles with uncontrollable transformations.

Age: 22

Appearance: Grey blue eyes and long chocolate brown hair.

Personality: Generous. Considerate. Loyal. Friendly. Genuine. Guarded. Over trustworthy. controlling. Over protective. Avoids facing her fears, prefers to hide.

Pet: Female Blue Gryphon. Azalie.

Back story: Adopted into the bloodline of the Black family, Evelyn was taken under Narcissa Malfoy's wing. Narcissa helped raise Evelyn, seeing potential in her. She was watched over by her and helped train her.

Overtime Evelyn went down her own path. She sought to help Muggles, she did not see anything wrong with Mudblood of Halfblood bloodlines. She doubted things she was forced to believe and sought to help all, regardless of their bloodline. With this change she was cast out of the Black household and cursed by the Dark Lord himself to become the great dragon guarding the LeStrange Vault.


Name: Alaric Youngblood

Gender: Male

Blood: Mudblood

Wand: Ash Dragon Heartstring 13 3/4 inches

Accessory: Wears a vile of Wolfsbane around his neck on a small link chain to keep himself sane when he turns into a werewolf

Curse: Werewolf

Talent history: Under the curse of Lycanthropy seeking to be a wolf just as his father was, he as a young boy feared the curse. But when his mother died and his father abandoned him, the curse had taken over him. Now enraged by his father's betrayal he developed his own beliefs. Seeking to support Muggles, Halfbloods and MudBloods. Knowing of the consequences of his decision he fled for the woods.

Pet: None

Age: 24

Appearance: Grey green eyes and chocolate straight brown hair tied behind his head in a short bobcat ponytail

Personality: Protective. Determined. Loyal. Helpful. Trustworthy. Second guesser. Clueless in romance. Uncontrollable rage.

Backstory: Evelyn came across Alaric in her travels. They look much like siblings and they will always see each other as friends/sibling relationship. Alaric was unwanted by his father after his Muggle Mother died. His Father killed his wife and Alaric was an unfortunate witness. He ran and never turned back, resorting to traveling and finding a trusted relationship with Evelyn. Together they travel to support Muggles, Mudbloods and Halfbloods all around.                                                                                                                      

Picture Reference: sandara.deviantart


If you are interested in roleplaying with one or both of these characters post here for any questions or note me!

If you are not interested in Harry Potter ask me about these:

Orphanage runaways (mix of plots: fantasy based)
Orphan x Vampire
DNA runaways

Ask me about requests too! n-n
Have a good day!

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