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[Request] Opuscule Antiquity

Request for :iconastranacus: Astranacus

Phew! Did some experimenting and learned a few new things with this one when it comes to drawing leaves and such (still not using the leaf texture brush yet though)
I feel like I've forgotten to do something, but otherwise, I think this one came out pretty good :)
Hope you like it, tell me what you think!
Astranacus I hope you don't mind the slightly different hairstyle, I didn't really know how to draw it so I kind of did it randomly :|
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It's masterful in most ways. I don't know how long it took you, but I suspect it would take me much, much longer to be able to do what you did. The backgrounds are so well done!

I will say that perspective-wise, the trees are a little odd. Maybe you needed to fade them some to show distance? I'm not sure exactly, but it looks a little like she's a Giant pony.
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Thanks! Yeah I realised that too but it was already too late while I was drawing it XD the "trees" are way too small and out of perspective, oh well, haha
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Hey no worries! Notes for next time. Pretty minor in the grand scheme :)
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The effort and quality you put on these drawings is unbelievable. I really hope that you take my advice and start doing art trades or commissions soon. There's a great talent in you that deserves to get paid or at least, get something in return. :)
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Been seeing a lot of familiar characters from you as of late, tho it's nice to see your art is as good as ever.
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I just draw whatever looks nice haha
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Aw, this looks really, really lovely! Always adore the look of your style & just how well it shows in here. The softness in her eyes & just the overall color scheme, really fitted well with the background. Love the natural work with the trees & the pure blue skies, it's really pretty, also d'aweee
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Glad you like my "style" of randomly drawn and coloured everything XD
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I adore this, thank you very much Avastin! I love it a lot and it's excellent!

As for the hairstyle, that's fine. I understand the difficulties and the newer reference sheet came a bit later. But your random attempt is certainly a good one! I really like the clothing, setting and expression you've given her. Again, thank you a bunch!
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Glad you like it! :)
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