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Grimm and Ribbs Business Card

Another Business. Same assignment as HITMAN card seen here [link] . This was second occupation, a Morturary & BBQ. Oddly enough, I got the idea from when my grandmother pasted. There was a funeral home in her town by the name of "Lewis & Ribbs" and and at first thought "Ribs? Is that a BBQ place? This is no time to be thinking about food!", but I found out what it was later that day. So that's where the idea came from, kinda sad actually; my class got a kick out of it though. On a bizarre note, after I made the card, I heard on the news that one funeral home in the Bay Area was going to start selling pastries to clients.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Bay Area, Colma is like the cemetery capital of California. Feeling quite unreal when you drive through, it's literally a city of the dead with funeral homes and cemeteries everywhere you look.

Specs: Used Illustrator CS4 for this one and designed it to look like a coffin. I tried to make the G&R appear as a tombstone with the info underneath. The same photo trick was used for the product shot as in the HITMAN card.
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A little disturbing, but if they have Ranch Dressing, I give it a try.
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Scary thought...I live in Texas, where it's quite plausible to have a bridal shop / funeral home / gun shop that sells BBQ on the side. No kidding! In my town alone we have a gas station that sells Thai food and vintage records, a lottery place that also sells BBQ and donuts, and another gas station that sells bait and furniture...and scary-good fried chicken and catfish. Your card isn't's just an idea that hasn't happened here yet! ;-)

Seriously though, I'm sorry about the passing of your grandmother. :-(
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It's okay. I'm glad she's not suffering anymore; plus I'm sure I'll see her again someday. :)

I've only been to Texas once and I never noticed that. :lol: I'll be paying more attention next time. :giggle:
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Well if you ever pass through Texas, give me a shout and I'll give you a tour! :-)
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this is awesome!! 
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Well, it would make the funeral that extra bit more delicious. :P
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Except for the fact that I heard humans are rubbery in texture. :puke:
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I would think that cannibals wouldn't complain, whereas other people would rather go for the other options on the menu. :D
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At least I for one would rather pick pulled pork over human BBQ ribs. :P
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Ha Ha Ha! Great!!
Just as good as Roadkill Cafe "you kill it, we grill it"Wink/Razz 
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And they do that kind do that kind of thing in the South. My Grandma was disappointed when she found out we didn't bring a roadkilled Raccoon home. :lol:
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Well if it hasn't started decaying yet then sure why not, don't let it go to waste. :D
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great! excelent! i love it!!!
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ooooo my god!!!! awesome!!!!! :D very funny!!!
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Grimm and Ribbs. come for the funeral, stay for their fall-off-the-bone beef ribs.
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